Thrush – Natural Causes and Natural Cures For Thrush

Lots of people are trying to cure their thrush with drugs and over the counter medications. But its important to remember that thrush stems from a naturally occurring yeast in the body, and therefore the best treatment is also one which is natural.

Before we begin to look at natural cures for thrush, let’s first take a look at its natural causes. Then, we will examine the common natural cures for thrush.

Common Natural Causes of Thrush:

* Candida loves wet/moist areas. Tight or synthetic clothing is what creates these moist areas

* Unprotected sex. Thrush infections are often passed on during sex, unless you are using a condom.

* A reduced immune system – often due to exhaustion or stress

* A high sugar, high carbohydrate diet

Common Natural Cures for Thrush

There are multiple ways that you can prevent your system from acquiring thrush. Managing it once you do have it is also possible, by using a combination of individual strategies – or, if this seems like a lot of effort, by taking an herbal supplement.

#1 Practice safe sex.

It is possible for yeast to be transferred via partners, so use condoms to minimize your risk.

#2 Reduce sugar intake.

Sugar is what makes Candida thrive. If you cut your intake, you starve the candida.

#3 Less harsh soaps and tight fitting clothes.

Soap can cause candida to flare up – try using a non-soap shower gel instead. And avoid tight clothing which makes your skin wet.

#4 Increase the level of ‘good bacteria’ in your system.

In minor forms candida is a good bacteria – many probiotic yoghurts can help keep candida in balance.

#5 Alkalize your body system.

Thrush loves acidic substances, you can take an alkaline treatment to try and get rid of it.

#6 Begin a course of homeopathic treatment

FDA approved homeopathic treatments combine a number of effective homeopathic treatments are excellent natural cures for thrush. They eliminate the Candida infection and help minimize the symptoms of thrush, they combine steps 1-5 in one easy daily dose, leaving you free to get on with your life.