Thrush; Natural Causes and Natural Cures for Thrush


Thrush; Natural Causes and Natural Cures for Thrush

Before we look at natural cures for thrush let’s look at natural causes. We will then examine common natural cures for thrush in light of these natural causes.

Common Natural Causes of Thrush

  • Candida loves moist areas. Tight or synthetic clothes create these moist areas
  • Unprotected sex. Thrush infection can be passed on during sex, unless you use a condom.
  • A depleted immune system due to exhaustion or stress
  • A high sugar diet

Common Natural Cures for Thrush

Successful natural cures for thrush involve multiple solutions. Some suggest yogurt as one of the natural cures for thrush, others may suggest vinegar or salt baths as natural cures for thrush (1 part vinegar or salt to 5 parts water). However using just one of these ‘natural cures for thrush’ is not effective. Natural cures for thrush should address the causes and symptoms of a thrush infection. Below are some of the most popular natural cures of thrush

#1 Natural Cures of Thrush – Practice safe sex.

Yes you can ‘catch’ Candida from your partner, wear a condom to minimise the risk.

#2 Natural Cures of Thrush – Reduce sugar intake.

Candida feeds off sugar. Cut your sugar intake and starve Candida of food.

#3 Natural Cures of Thrush – Less harsh soaps and tight fitting clothes.

Harsh soaps can cause a flare up of thrush and wearing tight fitting clothes locks in moisture allowing Candida to flourish.

#4 Natural Cures of Thrush – Increase the level of ‘good bacteria’ in your system.

Some yogurts have ‘good bacteria’ in them so are technically natural cures for thrush. However a certain way to get massive amounts of ‘good bacteria’ into your system is to take a probiotic supplement.

#5 Natural Cures of Thrush – Alkalize your body system.

Candida thrives in an acidic body. If radical dietary change isn’t one of the natural cures for thrush for your then take an alkalizing supplement.

#6 Natural Cures of Thrush – Begin a course of homeopathic treatment

FDA approved homeopathic treatments that combine a number of effective homeopathic treatments are excellent natural cures for thrush. They actually eliminate the Candida infection and help minimise the symptoms of thrush.