Thrush Mouth

Thrush Mouth, or better known as Oral Thrush, is an infection caused by Candida (yeast) that gets into the mucus membranes of your mouth. White lesions (bumps) will start to appear inside of your mouth as one of the main Thrush symptoms. Usually, Thrush only occurs in feeding babies and young children because their immune systems are not quite strong enough to fight off the overload of Candida. However, there are plenty of cases where adults have oral Thrush that sometimes goes all the way down through their throats. Treatments, cures and prevention for Thrush Mouth another common symptom of Thrush is having difficulty swallowing. Those white lesions can actually go all the way down your throat and esophagus and if there are many of them food could get stuck on the way down. If a dentist or doctor does confirm that you have Thrush then you should remember to chew your food thoroughly just to be sure. Adults who are wearing dentures are also highly susceptible to getting mouth Thrush if they do not take proper care of them. Making sure they are clean before putting them back into your mouth will help, along with making sure your mouth is washed out and clean.

There are also other causes of oral Thrush out there that are beyond your control. A lot of medications, like birth control and antibiotics, have been known to cause Thrush in both children and adults. Drug abuse, diabetes, and auto immune disorders are some other causes where Thrush symptoms are more likely to pop up. If you think you have Thrush then you should contact your dentist or physician soon so that you may seek treatment. Usually your dentist can prescribe you an anti fungal medication that will clear up your infection within a few weeks. However, there are some cases of oral Thrush where the symptoms have been going on for too long and have caused a more severe infection.

Thrush can actually travel down through your lungs and digestive track and cause an inflamed infection throughout there as well. If you allow the Thrush to travel throughout the body then you run risk of experiencing more severe symptoms and there have been a few cases where the Thrush has been deadly due to neglect. Recognizing your symptoms early is key to being able to recover and prevent oral Thrush from returning.

To help prevent Thrush mouth from happening to you all you have to do is keep your mouth clean and protect yourself. Mouth washes like scope and Listerine actually kill the tiny micro organisms that your body uses to fight off any high levels of Candida. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and also try to flow at least once a day. I know it has been embedded into our brains since we were younger but keeping our mouths healthy is the number one way to prevent oral Thrush. Keep your fingers out of your mouth, especially in babies, is also a good way to prevent becoming infected.