Thrush Mouth, Oral Yeast Infection and Oral Candida

Thrush mouth, oral thrush, oral yeast infection and oral candida are all names for the same medical condition which is a yeast infection in the mucous membranes of the mouth and candida albicans growing out of control is the most common cause of these fungal infections.

We all carry around yeast organisms. The problems start when the body’s chemistry becomes imbalanced. The people most often at risk for this type of infection are:

  • diabetics and others with metabolic disturbances.
  • People with AIDS/HIV.
  • newborns.
  • people that are mal-nourished.
  • people that have had oral sex with a partner suffering from
  • women whose hormones are disturbed because of pregnancy or
    birth control pills.
  • women undergoing fertility treatments.
  • asthma and COPD sufferers that use inhalers with steroids
  • children that fit any of the above.
  • people that consume large quantities of milk.

Diabetics, mal-nourished people, women on birth control pills, women that are pregnant, women undergoing fertility treatments and people with AIDS/HIV all have either an immune system problem or a hormonal imbalance that can make them susceptible to thrush mouth.

Newborns are constantly going through hormonal and physiological changes so they are at risk for thrush mouth and just about everything else you can think of.

Asthma and COPD sufferers can reduce the risk of getting thrush mouth by rinsing their mouths out with water after taking their medication. Reducing the amount of sugar and yeast in the diet can help all sufferers. Altering your diet, eating yogurt and taking oral medications are other treatment options.

Your body cannot process large quantities of milk fast enough to keep you from knocking your body’s natural flora out of balance. Moderation in everything is good but excess in anything is usually unhealthy.