Thrush In Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more susceptible to get Thrush, a type of yeast infection either in the mouth or vagina, because their immune systems are not as protected. Thrush in pregnancy is actually pretty common because you have to give so much of yourself to your unborn baby that there is often gaps in your normally operating system. If you start to experience any Thrush symptoms then you should tell your doctor immediately. Normally you would just get prescribed some basic anti fungal medications and it would be cleared up within a couple of weeks. If you do end up getting prescribed a medication it will most likely be something for children so that the effects will not be as harsh to your unborn child.

How to treat and prevent thrush in pregnancy

Believe it or not, applying plain yogurt (no sugar or additives) to the infected area is one of the best and natural ways to clear up Thrush. It may sound gross, especially if the Thrush is occurring in your private area, but it really does have a surprisingly high success rate for knockout out Thrush symptoms. Hopefully wherever you try the medication or yogurt you will get your infection cleared up with a couple of weeks and it will be a thing of the past. It is hard to prevent it from coming back when you are pregnant because you have no control over what is going inside of you. As long as you do your best to keep your mouth and vagina clean and sanitary then you are doing everything you can. Avoiding yeast foods could also help.

Reoccurring Thrush is pretty common for women who develop it during pregnancy. For these women prevention is key and as a rule of thumb you should pursue treatment for twice as long as the Thrush in pregnancy symptoms are lasting. Symptoms that last 2 weeks, should have treatment of 4 weeks or more to ensure that the infection is properly handled. Mouth Thrush, or better known as Oral Thrush, is an infection caused by Candida (yeast) that gets into the mucus membranes of your mouth. White lesions (bumps) will start to appear inside of your mouth as one of the main Thrush symptoms. For vaginal yeast infections there will be a thick, white discharge, stinging when urinating and often a foul smell. If you are not sure in the end then your doctor or dentist can run some test in order to confirm or deny that what you have is Thrush.

Recognizing the symptoms is very important while you are pregnant because you do not want something potentially harmful to get your unborn baby. You can come what you are experiencing to common symptoms online for verification but once you have inkling then you seek medical help. If you want to know more ways that can cause Thrush and how to prevent it from happening to you then check out the Thrush 911 program below to cure your Thrush naturally!