Thrush in Men – Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatments

What is Thrush?

Many people do not know that thrush (also known as yeast infection) can occur in men. Thrush is an uncontrollable growth from an organism named Candida albicans. This organism is yeast that sits on the skin, mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Thrush occurs when the yeast uncontrollably multiplies, causing pain and inflammation.

Causes of Thrush

Yeast infection can occur when there is an overuse of antibiotics. Yeast competes with various other organisms, one being bacteria. Antibiotics kill the diseased bacteria and the harmless bacteria as well, without any competition from the bacteria the yeast thrives and duplicates causing a yeast infection.

Unfortunately an overgrowth of yeast is unavoidable for many, as 75% of women will get a thrush infection in their life and 50% will have recurring thrush.

Symptoms of Thrush

Thrush can have a large range of symptoms, being physical, emotional and psychological. A recurrent thrush infection can appear in rashes, irritation, itching, PMS, joint pain and vaginal discharge. Fatigue, exhaustion, change in moods and depression are non visible signs of a Candida Albicans.

So now you know what thrush is along with the causes and symptoms that go with it. If you are being affected by a yeast infection than you should look at possible treatments. Many people have used prescription medications for their recurring Candida to no avail. The best way to attack thrush is at the root of the cause, natural methods use the bodies own defenses and immune system to defeat the infection. The human body absorbs the nutrients of natural medicines far better than any chemical based product. Choosing a natural treatment is the safest and most efficient way to cure thrush.