Thrush Cure – The Secrets Doctor's Won't Tell You

To find a thrush cure today isn’t easy. Where we used to have too little data, with the explosion of the internet there is now too much data! First, what is thrush? Thrush is an oral problem within the mouth that starts when there is an overgrowth of yeast in that area. And the term yeast infection refers to infection in any area of the body.

Everyone has candida, it’s just whether an individuals immune system can moderate the levels of yeast. The difference between someone healthy and someone in pain is how well the body moderates the candida albicans levels – meaning, the immune system.

Prior to Using the Cure:

Without knowledge of how and why you originally suffered with yeast infection, the cure is wasted on you. It’s so important that you understand the how and the why. By realising this you will undoubtedly see more lasting results. Here are just 3 reasons:

1.    The symptoms you have will now be in context. By not possessing an understanding of the condition, how will you be able to accurately make decisions on your health? Another issue is that of people ending the use of medication because they mis-read a feeling they had. Unfortunately, fear has gripped them when the medication was in actual fact helping them.

2.    The effectiveness of cures depends on many factors and your lifestyle (READ: Diet) can impede the results. By knowing what causes yeast infection you are able to evaluate your lifestyle and see where the issues are. This, in turn, will make the cure a lot more effective.

3.    I want you to believe that people who understand their condition (versus people who rely on their doctor) stand a much greater chance of recovery. It’s not like your doctor can follow you around all day long!

Why people suffer with yeast infection – explained:

Immune System…

Purchasing Antibiotics

–    Good bacteria is killed by antibiotics. Its good bacteria that regulates your yeast levels.


–    It’s not rare for toddlers to come down with a thrush infection. Immune systems have to grow in effectiveness. Infants are essentially born with a clean slate for an immune system.

Problems With Health

–    Diabetes

–    HIV

–    Chemotherapy

–    The Common Cold

Illness of all kinds affect your immune system.



–    Thrush infection is a fungal disease and so effortlessly transmittable Sexual intercourse with an infected partner can overcome your immune system leaving the condition to grow.

Mouth Contact

–    Kissing is the same law as sexual intercourse and leads to thrush. Contact is made with an infected person and the immune system becomes overwhelmed.

Self Hygiene…

–    Shower gels

–    Toothpaste/Mouthwash

–    Soaps

–    Perfume

The body’s natural pH balance can easily be disturbed by bathing products. Try to buy health care products that advertise with pH levels of the body. These will help you immeasurably while your immune system is feeble.

Thrush Cure:

I believe the best remedy for thrush is the completely organic strategy with no side effects. I have created a list of the ultimate cures.

Tea Tree Oil:Tea tree oil is a fantastic antifungal solution. Treat the area using a tuft of cotton dipped into the oil.

Garlic Extracts – Garlic Extracts have been utilised as a home remedy for eons – they are naturally antifungal and really should be considered a super food for sufferers of yeast infection. It’s useable in many varieties (as seen earlier) and is the truest natural enemy of yeast. The benefits are quick to act and side effects are uncommon.

Apple Vinegar (Cedar) — This solution recovers the pH levels in your body – leading to better control of yeast levels.

Loose apparel will help enormously if you are used to wearing tight fitting clothes – ensure there is plenty of air between your clothes and skin. Another small point: Try to stay as dry as you can. Moisture and lack of light seems to be yeast’s best friend so keep keep your body light and airy!

Yogurt (Probiotic) — If you enjoy your yogurt make sure that it contains ‘acidophilus’ – a type of bacteria. There are ‘probiotic’ yogurts out there that don’t have the strain of bacteria. The candidiasis will be moderated by good bacteria.

It’s critically important that you don’t eat pure sugar.

Fresh water is vitally important for your health overall. Are you drinking atleast 2.5 litres everyday? If not, a yeast infection is the perfect reason to start doing so now!

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day:

Yes, we all know we should but many people neglect to clean their teeth just twice a day! Further, I recommend you to rinse your mouth out with a quality mouthwash to take care of unwanted bacteria. Flossing is also a suggested practice.

I hope you benefited from this article. I wish you all the best in your hereafter health.