Thrush Caused by Antibiotics

Thrush is mainly caused by an overgrowth of fungi known as Candida Albicans. It results to different symptoms such as itching and bleeding in vaginal or penis area, burning feeling when urinating, pain during sexual intercourse, and production of white, odorless discharge. Certainly, those who have suffered from thrush know that it is something they want to eliminate immediately.

Good bacteria elimination

Many patients are aware about the causes of the condition such as pregnancy, diabetes, and stress. However, many do not know that thrush could also be acquired through intake of antibiotics. The fact is that good bacteria are destroyed when there is intake of antibiotic. To illustrate, you should think that in our digestive tract, there are good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria fights yeast but are eliminated when you take antibiotics medicine. The scenario is that yeast can spread so much resulting to massive yeast infection in different parts of the body.

Treatment and prevention

Studies show that women are more prone to yeast infection caused by antibiotic intake. That is why there are treatments and approaches needed to combat the disease. In this article, simple preventions will be discussed to treat thrush caused by antibiotics. All you need to have are probiotic drinks and plain yogurt.

Probiotic drinks and yogurt

After taking antibiotics, you need to follow up the treatment with probiotic to restore the good bacteria in the stomach. It is important that you choose a probiotic drink which has good quality when it comes to nutritional benefit. If you do not have probiotic drinks, it is fine to substitute plain yogurt into your diet. Yoghurts also contain high probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus that prevents yeast infection.

Things to avoid

You need to avoid eating foods high in sugar when taking antibiotics. As you know, yeast feast on sugar which enables yeast to multiply. You should also avoid eating foods with yeast such as bread and bear. Also, wear loose clothes so that yeast can not thrive in a cool, dry place.

All these advice you need to adhere so that you will be to lead a life free from infection and discomfort.