Thrush An Embarrassing Ailment – The Causes And Treatment

What Causes It?

Most people carry candida in their bodies, but normally it is kept at low levels by the body's own immune system. It can live in the intestines, mouth, skin, and vagina where "friendly" bacteria help keep yeast levels low. An increase of oestrogen caused by pregnancy and the contraceptive pill can encourage candida growth. Antibiotics, which can destroy good bacteria can be another cause

Some women experience symptoms similar to thrush but actually have an allergy to latex condoms, spermicides and the rubber in cervical caps.Thrush can also be passed on to men. Over the counter remedies usually determine the attack in 48 hours, but if does not respond to treatment after two weeks, they should consult their doctor for a swab test to rule out other infections and show which type of candida is causing the infection. The doctor may also want to test for diabetes and dermatitis. In rare cases the tests could indicate cancer of the vulva.


Over the counter remedies are anti fungal drugs in the form of vaginal pessaries or creams, these are usually helpful. Foods such as sugar and dairy products, coffee, tea and wine are thought to contribute to the problem by increasing uriny sugar, an environment which candida thrives. Anything that changes the body's natural acidity, such as perfumed soaps, douches and bubble baths can also irritate. Avoid tight trousers, leggings, and synthetic underwear such as tights, as these prevent air circulating and can create the perfect environment for thrush.

Whats New?

Sadly little has developed for thrush in terms of research. One of the newer alternative treatments is Dida, a natural herbal supplement which may help matain a healthy candida balance in the body.