Throwing Some Light on Fish Oil and Cholesterol

The links between fish oil and cholesterol are just one of many that also extends to heart health in general, and quite a few other medical conditions. These are known as essential fatty acids or omega 3, the so called good fats we need for so many different bodily functions.

We get them from our diet, but only if it includes fish like sardines, tuna and salmon. Sadly few of us eat enough of these and supplements are the next best thing.

In the case of something like cholesterol it gets a bit tricky because we're entering a bit of a mine field of information from studies, research, clinical trials and so on. The fact is that so many other factors come into play, and it's often difficult to know what to believe when faced with a lot of contradictory data on fish oil and cholesterol.

Add to that the degree of contention among the medical fraternity and you begin to realize how difficult it is to find a definitive yes or no to the basic question.

We have all probably heard of the two types of cholesterol, good being hdl and the bad variety called ldl. There's some recent evidence that points to a small rise in hdl if you take omega 3 supplements. It's only a few percent points, but that's enough for them to say that the chances of getting a heart attack are reduced, again only within a range of between 3-9%.

Undoubtedly there's much more to look at and sometimes the overall level of research is still in its infancy. Life is a lot about personal choices, and if good health is high on your agenda and something like fish oil and cholesterol might be a concern, take a moment to read more on my main site.