Through the Wound the Healing Begins

Most will acknowledge having acquired a few ‘chinks in their armor’ as they journeyed through life; we polish them and call them experience and move on. It is the deep emotional wounds that cause us to run and hide and shudder at the pain, imagining it will never be better than this day. Wounds are cuts too deep to heal by themselves, manifesting in a multitude of ways. For many they begin at birth when there was no welcome, in childhood from parental or sibling abuse or by other children, in relationships when we simply trusted because we were deceived or even from innocent encounters where the road turned in unimaginable ways. These are emotional wounds, unseen, yet by far the most painful and difficult to heal. How do we crawl out from the darkness where we have been hiding?

Acknowledge the wound and the pain it is causing. Many times the wound is so deep, the pain so unbearable we run to find a friend we all know called denial. There now, that doesn’t hurt nearly so bad, does it… these are the words of denial. It causes us to run to find a replacement for a love that has left, a parent that was incapable of caring or good parenting or friends that are so enmeshed in addictions that they may not notice our wounds. This is the path that detours into darkness, the one we take when we can’t bear to acknowledge how bad it hurts. Emotional pain is not gaping and bleeding; when we fail to acknowledge it compassion or empathy from those who do care may have been a healing balm but is absent because we were afraid to admit it.

Find someone you trust and talk about it. Emotional wounds are traumatic; trauma must talk. It must talk to understand, to find a cause or acknowledge there was none, and to find the point of balance where we accept what has happened without attachment to the outcome. Here we can ‘let it be.’

Our first responder is our Creator, the Master healer. It is the best place to learn to trust again, the one where you will never feel alone or left behind again. Reach out to what is far more powerful than yourself or your pain, and then believe in the healing you will receive. You may find that your path has been redirected, that you are heading into uncharted territory where you never imagined you could go. Trust this; many times our deepest wounds can lead to our greatest joys if only we believe.

Emotional wounds force us to pause, allowing us to redefine who we want to become and where we want to go in our life journey. The measure of pain can be equaled by the amount of joy and goodness that awaits us as we complete the healing process, allowing us to walk confidently back into life.