Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid – What You Must Know

Have you ever had hemorrhoids? Have you ever known someone to have hemorrhoids. Well, needless to say it’s a condition that rears its head when inflicting pain. When they lie in silence and placid, most will go about their daily lives in silent desperation. Becoming distressed, anxious and nervous are common emotional reactions when people see blood down the W.C. but feel no pain otherwise.

Onto the chief article of the thrombosed external hemorrhoid…

On a very basic level they are blood clots in the varicose vein and can develop in to a very painful circumstance. Take the recommended steps early on, however, and you won’t have to be concerned about the severe pain

Common sensations of hemorrhoids are feelings of fire on your body, of constipation, of an drive to scratch and a general sense of feeling uncomfortable. I want to emphasize though, that hemorrhoids are most often painless during the former stages. If pain is a component in your circumstance then it’s entirely possible you have a blood clot.

“Whenever you’re in a state of uncertainty, call your physician”

Don’t be alarmed if this is you. Simply go and see your doctor, ideally within 48 hours after you start experiencing pain, and no longer. This way, you yield for yourself the best chance of a quick and painless recuperation.

Healing a thrombosed external hemorrhoid

Underneath, I have put together a table with the popular methods to curing a severe condition like thrombosis:

Approach/ Further explanation

Rubber Band Litigation: Over a few weeks a rubber band is used to ‘strangulate’ the hemorrhoid of blood. With no blood passing through the hemorrhoid it’s size is reduced.

Sclerotherapy: A water-based or foam solidifying agent is injected into the varicose vein to seal off blood flow, allowing the vein to shrink.

Cryotherapy: As with the other treatments bloodflow is stopped through the hemorrhoid, this time using very cold temperatures (liquid nitrogen ordinarily).

Infrared coagulation: One of the more recent methods for dealing with hemorrhoids is by using a powerful light. Intense heat created from electric current burns the hemorrhoid causing scar tissue, which stops blood flow and allows recovery to take place.

Hemorrhoidectomy: When your condition grows more serious your doctor will bring up the hemorrhoidectomy as a solution.

How to completely avoid a Blood Clot

Food habits

Diet, diet, diet. So crucial is diet, that if you disregard it, it’s not possible to be healthy (and happy!) Having said that, if you have piles your diet should be the first thing you vary.

“Fiber is your friend” – not much of an alliteration but an essential point is made;) You’ll find fiber in countless foods at your local food store but it can be testing to get started. So what I have done is written you a little selection. Write down 5 of these foods now that you will buy next time you go to your store – Best of luck!


— Avocado

— Beans

— Baked Potato (with skin)

— Brussels sprouts

— Green Peas

— Kale

— Lima Beans

— Pumpkin

— Spinach

— Mushrooms


— Apples

— Raisins

— Bananas

— Raspberries

— Dried Apricots

— Blackberries

— Prunes

— Oranges

— Guava Fruit

— Kiwi Fruit


Whenever you read an article about good health, you’re going to find the word ‘exercise’. Why? Because (as I know you know) it’s so important! Why then, do people avoid it like the black death? We see images of long distance jogging and the horrendous gym apparatus. Exercise, however, can be exceedingly fun and very rewarding. You’ve just got to reframe what exercise means to you.

What do you find rewarding? Teamwork, leadership, strategy finding, head-to-head, neck-on-neck? Find an interest and link it with something physical so that exercise is simply a side effect of what you are interested in. Here’s an idea for you; jog on the spot while watching your favourite show on the television. (Or invest in a treadmill).

This idea is powerful because your motivation to watch tv will link into HAVING to do exercise – now you’re improving yourself two-fold!

Another suggestion is to have mini breaks throughout your workday instead of working right through until lunch. Not only is this great for blood circulation, but it’s also better for your productivity.

Many experiments have discovered that humans can only focus at a high level for 40 – 45 minutes maximum. I personally work for 45 minutes followed immediately by a 15 minute break usually involving a glass of water, a cup of tea or giving the dog a walk around the block.