Throat Thrush – The Common Symptoms and a Natural Cure


Do you ever have a sore throat? Well it may be more than that, it could be throat thrush, also known as oral thrush. Thrush may occur in the mouth, in the throat or on the tongue for a variety of reason. You can contract it from an infected person while kissing. Antibiotics are a well known cause for oral thrush, the medication destroys all bacteria, even the “friendly” bacteria which prevents a natural yeast overgrowth, with the bacteria temporarily unhabited the yeast thrives and duplicates. Throat thrush is generally a result of a lowered immune system, limiting the bodies natural defenses.

There are various symptoms for oral thrush, bad breath is a common result of throat thrush. Little white bumps on the tongue or back of the throat are signs of tongue thrush, eating certain foods can be irritating as it can scratch and rub against the bumps.

Garlic is a very effective natural treatment for oral thrush, it soothes the irritation and painfulness of the sores and helps effectuate your immune system. Yogurt has “friendly” bacteria that can be used to combat the yeast and treat the symptoms of throat thrush. Eat yogurt several times a day or when irritation occurs, this should ease the pain and sooth your throat.

If you are one of the unlucky people that have tried these methods to no avail, you have to treat the underlining issue and cure the body as a whole. There are natural methods that are guaranteed to cure oral thrush in less than 48 hours.