Throat Lump – Symptoms and Causes

Finding a wreck lump can be a very frightening experience for anyone, especially considering the myriad of possible diagnoses. Occasional a lump in the throat can certainly be the result of stress or a sore throat. However, there are more serious diagnoses for a throat lump that can be more more severe, one of which is tonsils stones.

These stones on an individual's tonsils are also known as tonsillitis, and are caused by an accumulation of sulfur-breeding bacteria and other debris that can get used in the tonsils. In many cases, people who have lumps in their throats also suffer from difficulty breathing which can be either an occasional or chronic struggle.

Tonsils stones appear on the throat as white lumps that are typically visible to the naked eye. They are typically located on the tonsils themselves or at the back of the tongue, leaving a person feeling a constant lump which can lead to problems and discomfort when swallowing. The lumps are often foul-smelling which causes bad breath, and in many cases can be popped or expressed. Sore throats often accompany the stones and can contribute to the discomfort felt by those who suffer from tonsillitis or a throat lump.

Non-surgical remedies for stones on the tonsils include puncturing them gently with a Q-tip, using pulsating jets of water to cleanse debris from the pockets of the tonsils, or closing them with topical silver nitrate. However, when chronic bad breath, ear pain, sore throats, and the feeling of lumps begin to affect daily functioning or become unbearable, the surgical removal or the tonsils is also an option. This type of procedure will eliminate the throat lump and allow the patient to be back to normal in a few days.