Throat Gonorrhea – Symptoms and Treatment

Pharyngeal gonorrhea is the term given to the gonorrhea of ​​the throat. Most of the time, this type of gonorrhea is harmless. A lot of people do not even experience symptoms. It does not get delivered easily and usually gets healed even without treatment. However, people with oral gonorrhea can experience pain, and sometimes, it can even cause tonsillitis or severe infections.

After an unprotected oral sex and you experience a persistent sore throat about one week after, it can be caused by the gonorrhea bacteria called Neisseria gonorrheae or gonococcus. It takes approximately one week for the symptoms of throat gonorrhea to manifest. This is also the time that you should go to the doctor and get tested, so that you could be given proper treatment. As soon as you feel an acute sore throat, go to your doctor or local STD clinic to get treatment. A sore throat is usually the only symptom of throat gonorrhea that is why it is important to get tested if you experience a persistent sore throat after having oral sex.

Throat gonorrhea is considered as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a bacteria. Throat gonorrhea is transmitted easily through penile-oral sexual intervention or fallatio than vaginal-oral sexual intercourse or cunnilingus. Throat gonorrhea is spread through engaging in oral sex with a person who is infected with gonorrhea bacteria. Neisseria gonorrhea or gonococcus infects the mucous parts of the body such as the penis, rectum, genital tract, throat, vagina, or eyes.

To diagnose throat gonorrhea, a standard gonococcal bacteria culture is typically done. This kind of test is highly specific, so most laboratories do not perform this test. STD clinics are well equipped to do this test, but if you consult a standard clinic or lab, you must notify them that the sample being sent would be tested for gonococcal culture and not general bacteria testing. Also, a typical strep throat swab test will not detect pharyngeal or throat gonorrhea.

Treatment of gonorrhea throat generally involves oral antibiotics. However, this standard treatment is becoming problematic because gonorrhea is now regarded as a bacteria which is very resistant to common types of antibiotics. To treat it, different combinations of antibiotics need to be administrated. There are instances when injections may be required in addition to oral medicines. Furthermore, in different countries and geographical regions, have different kinds of antibiotics that work in combination with each other. You can consult your doctor to check the most effective current antibiotics combination for gonorrhea treatment with the aid of the national disease control board's advice.

Moreover, it is quite common that gonorrhea infects along with other sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia. That is why it is usual for people infected with gonorrhea to be treated simultaneously for other STDs. Aside from antibiotics; there are also available over-the-counter pain medications which can be prescribed by doctors to help cure a sore throat. As with any other STD, abstinence from sex or using protection would help prevent acquiring or spreading the disease.