Three Summer Skin Problems: Cold Sores, Hives and Rashes Due to Heat

As much as we look forward to the summer for relaxing days full of swimming, walks and trips to the park, some people find their skin problems increase this time of year. A few issues during the warm seasons include fever blisters, the prickly heat rash and
cases of hives.

For some people exposure to the sun on the face can result in a cold sore that erupts on the lip area. This can be quite painful and may take from six to eleven days to heal and resolve. Someone with a history of cold sores, recognizes the initial tingle and is aware of the way that this will play out. It is essential to apply a good sun protective factor on the face and lip and try to make it spf 30 or higher. Once you get one on your lip, it can easily return due to sun exposure, so be sure to always cover your lips when you are out even for a walk. Lysine is a good supplement to help prevent eruptions but it is not foolproof. If your immune system is weakened, you may get one. It is a virus that is in your body forever, so take care of yourself.

Prickly heat can lead to red eruptions due to the sweating and perspiration of the body. Moisture gets trapped and can lead to a rash that is annoying and itchy. Many people with a weight issue suffer from this and it can seem like a catch-22 due to the need for exercise. Try to exercise early in the mornings or in an air conditioned gym to reduce this problem. After exercising, be sure to take a shower and dry off. Corn starch is helpful for sweat rashes. Avoid nylon clothing and wear cotton.

Hives can be due to stress, heat or allergic reactions. In the summer, we often try different foods on vacation and this can lead to allergic reactions. Although the summer seems to offer us less stressful conditions due to not worrying about driving in snow or days of shivering, one can get very stressed out about one’s appearance, staying fit and compare oneself to others. Take time to meditate and keep your mind calm.

The summer is a time to relax and by keeping your eye on the causes of various skin problems you can help to control the eruptions.