Three Quick Steps To Personal Development And Growth


The steps involved in personal development and growth are actually very simple. The actually doing the steps is where the real problem will typically come from. I’m going to go over the three steps that are the basics of personal development. I’ll be honest with you the first one can sting a little bit and the third one is the hardest one to actually do but like any good thing in this life this comes with challenges.

The first step is to find out about yourself. This is the one that I said can hurt a little bit. Most people that don’t reflect on themselves on a regular basis are going to find out some things about themselves that are probably going to hurt them a little bit. It is best if you do this for yourselves and then have one or two people that really know, and that are going to be honest with you, do it as well. Once you have done this step it is time to go onto step number two.

The second step is to make a plan of attack for what you are going to do. This is the easiest step but it is also one that most people forget about. Another often forgotten step that will greatly increase your success rate is to post it somewhere that you are going to see it. I think you should put it somewhere that you see it first thing in the morning. Once you have it written out make sure you refer back to it often, especially if you don’t hang it somewhere, and make sure you keep it in mind.

The last step is the real action step in the process. This is where you put the deep insight and plan into action and achieve your goals. I am a huge believer in the baby steps approach. If you are not familiar it is where you take small actions that move you progressively forward towards your overall goal. This is how I tackle personal development and growth issues in my personal life and what I recommend to my family and friends when they ask me my opinion on the topic. It is important to do it this way because if you go for the end to quick and fail many people lose focus and go back to their old ways. If you can get some small successes under your belt first a little setback is less likely to get you to quit.

If you forget something the first couple of times don’t worry just keep going and change it the next time. It is better to keep going and finish one goal then to keep going back to the beginning every time you see one little part. These are obviously a lot harder to do successfully in real life then on paper but I know personally that it can be done. If you follow these three simple steps to better personal development and growth you will be a lot farther down the road to success.