Three Kinds of Vegetables Should Be Eaten in Winter

According to the contents of the nutrients like vitamin K, lutein, vitamin C, potassium and cellulose contained in various kinds of vegetables, spinach, cabbage and radish leaf are the best vegetables for people to eat in everyday life, especially in winter.

Spinach contains abundant nutrients, such as lutein, vitamin A, folic acid and calcium. The air is rather dry in winter, and it is easy for people to get constipation and hemorrhoids. The adequate supplementation of spinach can effectively help the human body to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. The lutein contained in spinach can protect the macula lutea in the retina. The inadequate lutein can cause the degenerative macula lutea and blurred eyesight. In addition, lutein plays an important role in restraining the formation of free radicals. The free radicals can destroy the optic nerves. However, the patients with nephritis and renal calculus can not eat spinach excessively, as the oxalic acid contained in spinach is too high.

Cabbage contains rich vitamin K. Vitamin K plays an important role in coagulating blood platelets and maintaining the normal functions of blood for the human body. In addition, it can prevent the large bleeding during the menstruation, internal bleeding and hemorrhoids. People who are always troubled by nosebleed in winter can supplement vitamin K from the natural food. Cabbage can help the human body adjust the functions of spleen and stomach and relieve pain. Content of The vitamin A Contained in cabbage Also is rather high. Vitamin U contained in cabbage can resist the formation of ulcer for the human body. Therefore, the adequate supplementation of cabbage can treat duodenal ulcer and slight ulcer.

Radish leaf contains abundant vitamin C and calcium. Each 100 grams of radish leaf contains 350 milligrams of calcium. However, radish leaf has been ignored by many people. Some people do not like to eat it at all. In order to increase the intake of radish leaf, people can cook it in various ways. For example, they can make dumplings with radish leaf as stuffing.

In order to maintain the physical health in winter, it is necessary for people to increase the intake of proper foods. The three kinds of vegetables mentioned in the article can effectively help people supplement necessary nutrients and enhance the immunity to various diseases in winter. According to the concrete situations, people can cook the vegetables in different ways so as to strengthen the appetite.