This Is NOT How You Cut Toenails

Do you cut your own toenails or do you have it cleaned in the salon? For some who do not afford having to go to the salon every time they need some cleaning up to do, they just do it themselves. Nevertheless, it’s not always that simple even if you have all the tools that is needed in cutting and cleaning the toenails.

Here is a story about a woman in her 30s who came to clinic because her right big toe is in pain:

A week ago, she began to feel a hurting feeling in her right big toenail. As the days pass by, her toenail began to turn red and aside from it hurting, it is also now throbbing. There was no history of a bump or it hitting anything. However, she remembered that she cut her toenails with a nail clipper just before feeling her toe ache. This is the first time that she has ever experienced this and she is taking Tylenol to remove the pain. Nevertheless, there is no relief for the pain. There is no other complication along with this toe problem.

The bad thing about this is that she is having a problem walking or wearing a shoe as she could not move her feet that well without feeling pain.

Upon doctor’s exam, it is found that the right toenail has grown into the skin next to it. It is swelling really badly but there is no discharge. What happened is that the woman developed an ingrown toenail. When you cut your toenail too close to the skin, it gets squeezed under it as it grows.

At first, you will feel the pain in the area and later on, you will observe that the affected toe becomes red and swells. If it gets infected, it might develop pus in the area.

For relief, you can prepare a soak bath of warm water and immerse your feet in that for several times in a day. To avoid further pain, you must avoid closed shoes. In preventing it from catching bacterial infection, apply antibiotic ointment to the area for disinfection.

If you have difficulty dealing with it by yourself, approach a medical professional urgently so as to find a surgical solution to the problem. You might also need medications for pain and infection.

Given these solutions and cure, it is still best to prevent this from happening by being careful in trimming your toenails. Cut straight across and not too low. Also, avoid shoes that are too tight-fitting. Furthermore, if you are not particularly sure about this, have it cut in the salon instead.

In the case of the patient, her toe was applied with an anesthetic and was subjected into a simple surgical procedure. The ingrown toenail was cut and removed and was applied with an antibiotic ointment for disinfection. After several days, the patient returned to the doctor for follow up. Her toenail feels much better now than before. The doctor gave her toenail-cutting advice to avoid ingrown nail development and to prevent yellow toe nails. This is a bonus perk that the patient got from her physician as she might also need problems in yellow toe help