Think Chest Pains Are a Heart Attack? Common Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Often times when your body is experiencing intense fear you may feel symptoms that mimic a heart attack.
The symptoms may include hyperventilation, shortness of breath and chest pains these are all common symptoms of stress and anxiety.
The American Psychiatric Association states that there needs to be 4 or more of the following symptoms of stress and anxiety and they need to occur suddenly,
they need to peak in about a ten minute period of time to be considered a panic attack:

Palpitations, which are irregular heartbeat, you may feel your heart beating in your neck, throat or chest. Your heart may beat very fast or irregularly hard.

Shortness of breath, where you feel like you cannot get enough air into your lungs, resembling the feeling of being held under water in a pool, your breathing may become faster or your breathing may just be labored.

Shaking, if it is not associate with any other conditions, such as diabetes or Parkinson disease, shaking can be a sign of anxiety and stress.

Dizziness, feeling faint or light headed without any other medical problems or symptoms is usually related to anxiety.

Difficulty swallowing, or the feeling like your food will not go down your throat or that it is sitting in your chest.

Changes in Body temperature, you start to sweat and feel very flush and hot or you are just the opposite, you feel very cold.

Nausea, you feel like you need to throw up, your stomach turns, you may possible get chills or tremble some as this is occurring.

As time goes on if left un-diagnosed the symptoms of anxiety and stress can get a little more severe, there are there are aches and pains and muscle stiffness. There can be insomnia and nightmares. Depression is a very common symptom found in people that suffer from anxiety and stress, as is unusual tension; this can result in the decrease of sexual desire. Often woman that suffer from anxiety issues will have a change in the menstrual cycle.

There are many different physical symptoms of anxiety and stress, but the one that always stands out above all of the rest is that feeling like you are having a heart attack. Anxiety chest pain come sin all different forms, it can be dull or very sharp. It can be in the center of your chest, in one side of your chest or it can just generally be all over the chest. Anxiety chest pain can extend down the back, shoulder or around the head. It may travel all the way down into the stomach area. Anxiety chest pain may be a constant pain or it may come and go, chest pains from symptoms of stress and anxiety usually only last for a couple of minutes, where the pains from a heart attack last in excess of ten minute on average.

This article is at an end but there are still so many symptoms of stress and anxiety The listed above ones are just the tip of the iceberg.
Learn all of the symptoms at: to pinpoint if you are in fact dealing with a great amount of stress and how you can deal with it,
here you will find much more information that will help you on the road to a more stress free life.