Things You Must Avoid to Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis – Reduce Your Chances of Having A BV Infection

A healthy vaginal environment is acidic laden with lactobacilli. A woman with bacterial vaginosis (BV), on the other hand, has other bacteria build-ups that outnumber the lactobacilli. Among the most commonly found microorganisms after testing vaginal samples are bacteroides, gardnerella vaginalis, mobiluncus and mycoplasma hominis. These bacteria mess up the vaginal pH, making it a more conducive place for them to grow and multiply.

Although the infection is mild, its symptoms can be very vexing. But you must know that there are things you must avoid to prevent bacterial vaginosis and among them is sugar. Foods rich in sugar are not recommended for people prone to BV. Sugar is food for these bacteria, enabling them to survive and multiply.

Citrus fruits are also among the things you must avoid to prevent BV. Although these fruits contain generous amounts of vitamin C, they are advised against women with BV. Once digested, these fruits turn into basic ash.

For a woman with bacterial vaginosis, her already high pH will only worsen if she takes foods that turn into basic ash. This will only aggravate the condition and prevent the healing of the infection. Other things you must avoid to prevent bacterial vaginosis include alcohol, coffee, fast foods, processed foods, saturated fats from animal products and refined flour products like bread and pasta.

If you can, you should also practice abstinence. Often, this is only done as a last resort for women with recurrent BV. You should also avoid unprotected sex and having multiple partners. This can make you prone to infection, especially if you have an IUD as a method of contraception.