Theta Healing for the Common Cold


Theta Healing effectively removes the symptoms of common cold without any of the side effects one would associate with traditional medicine. A cold is something we all suffer periodically. The symptoms of common cold are stuffy head, sore throat, tiredness, stuffy and runny nose, congested chest, and sometimes a fever. It can be a very uncomfortable virus to suffer. There has never been a proven cure for the common cold, only treatments that can make a cold more bearable. Sometimes the treatments can make one tired and unable to complete tasks or jittery which also makes it impossible to lead a normal life for about 5-7 days.

Fortunately, another option is available. You only need to have faith in the treatment. Theta energy healing therapies are based on using your subconscious to heal your body. Tapping into your higher self at Theta level is something you do every night while asleep. It has been proven that it can also be achieved while awake with the proper skills through Theta therapy.

Why should you consider trying to wipe the symptoms of common cold with Theta therapy? Here’s why: You have probably tried the other traditional treatments with their accompanying side effects. With Theta healing, there are no side effects. Here are some of the reasons:

* Theta therapy addresses the mind/body connection to help the body heal itself without the use of drugs.

* Theta energy is a natural treatment that compliments traditional medicine. It also teaches you a new way of thinking which enables your body to heal itself through your mind.

* Western medicine is based primarily on expensive and invasive methods to treat common ailments that we all suffer. Theta energy treatment is non-invasive and can present instant healing results by simply developing your thought process in the right way to facilitate healing. Theta healing, if practiced, will lead to many positive changes in your life over and above improving your health.

* Drugs on the market often have side-effects that can lead to more serious problems than the illness they are designed to improve.

It is an action that initializes the body to begin to heal itself at the Theta level of subconscious thought. The mind and body work together to thwart illness from the body altogether. Now that we have provided you with the pros and cons of trying Theta natural healing versus using the traditional methods of medicine, we hope that you will decide to give Theta Healing a chance. Trying Theta Healing for symptoms of common cold and similar illnesses might point you into a new path of enlightenment and a happier and more contented life.