These 11 Chigger Bite Treatments Can Get You in Trouble

If you are an old hand with your favorite chigger bite treatment that you swear by or a tenderfoot looking for a chigger bite treatment, you have either ran into or will run into some chigger treatments that are sworn to work. Some of these chigger treatments can be not only completely worthless, but also very devastating to your health.  

In my search for what appears, to many, to be the illusive chigger bite treatment that will work, I ran into a whole lot of stuff that does not work. So I am going to cut your search short by telling you about some of those things that not do not work, but they can be detrimental to your health as well.

Chlorine Bleach  

Some folks swear by this one. These folks don’t believe in just a “little dab will do ya”. They tell you to put a few cup fulls of it in a tub of water and bath in it.   For those of you who do not know, chlorine was used to KILL people in wars. Now how healthy can chlorine be in your bath water or your wash water. This stuff is bad news. DO NOT USE chlorine for a chigger bite treatment.  

Finger Nail Polish  

There are some fight to death defenders of this myth as well. This stuff may not be exactly unhealthy. The idea here is to suffocate the chigger to death. For those of you who do not know, chiggers do not live in your skin.   They do no bore holes in you and live in the hole. They are clingers. Like all clinging things they can be knocked off and often are long before you even know they have been along for the ride.   It takes several hours for the itch to begin after a chigger has gotten hold of you. By then he is long gone or you have scratched him off when the itching began. Now tell me, can nail polish suffocate something no longer there? The best you can hope for is it may keep you from scratching and that is good.  

Anti Itch Creams  

The name identifies what these guys are for. And they do work, for a minute or three. Two points, one already made. They do not last much longer than it takes to apply them. The next point is whatever you put on the skin may as well be put in the mouth. Have you ever read what the ingredients are in that stuff? These creams can be and probably are very destructive the liver if not other body parts. OK, one more point. They are expensive.  


These bad boys or designed to stop you from sneezing your head off and other allergy related type symptoms. Once again the same issues apply here as in the anti itch cream crop. I would not use them and do not recommend their use for any one.  

Kerosene, Alcohol, Gasoline, Ether, Turpentine, Paint Thinner  

It goes without saying, or should, these items are not made for human consumption or use on the human body. They are TOXIC to your body. And more over, they are the not only toxic and damaging to the liver they are dangerous in the extreme. Some of them are highly flammable. These substances should only be used for what they were created. And that is not to be used for any kind of chigger bite treatment.  

Ice Picks

These not only will not work because you cannot see what you are attacking, but they are dangerous in case you miss the intended target. Trust me. Where chiggers like to hang out is not where you want to attack them using this tool for a chigger treatment.   There are other chigger treatments being kicked around but these are the most frequently promoted chigger bite treatments to be found and recommended.

You do not have to be swift with oars to know or should know, these chigger treatments are not worth the breath it takes to suggest them, much less your time to try them.   No matter how adamantly someone tries to sell you on these worthless chigger treatments don’t use them. Don’t walk, run from them. It is your health at issue here.