The Yin and Yang of Strokes

I was fascinated by the YouTube video of brain researcher Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She somehow managed to study her own stroke as it happened. She felt her brain functions slipping away one by one. First speech, movement and then understanding slipped away leaving her totally numbed by the experience.

Eight years later she has fully recovered and is giving talks about her experience. Her video on YouTube has to be seen to fully comprehend a disease that strikes fear into the heart of every adult over 40.

As a holistic energy worker, I have a distinct advantage over the average doctor confronted by a stroke. I can rely on a pair of clairvoyant eyes that goes by the name of Selvi Ratnam, a 42 year-old school teacher.

Selvi’s clairvoyant ability began to blossom after her teenage years. She began to literally see things that ordinary people couldn’t. She could see the colourful aura of a human being. To her, everyone appears like the colours of the rainbow. People who are sick would have very dark patches over their organs.

When this ability began to make its appearance, it dawned on Selvi that not everyone could see what she saw and she began to think that something was wrong with her.

Only when she met a Sufi master later on in her life was she aware of her clairvoyant ability.

Somewhere in my study shelves, I have over ten books written by a monk called Lobsang Rampa, a controversial Tibetan who in his last years of his life, was walking around in a white man’s body through an ability known as transmigration.

One of the books was titled, The Third Eye. It is an account of how he endured an operation that opened up his third eye, the occult eye that can see beyond the pair of physical eyes.

When I eventually met Selvi during my healing journey, I was literally jumping with excitement at working with someone who could see beyond the physical human limits and perceive dimensions that was revealed in Lobsang’s books.

My forte was kundalini and chakras and Selvi could see the awakening kundalini and the conditions of the chakras quite easily.

Selvi was introduced to me by Sehkar, a Reiki Master and eventually we began to work together at Paru Amma’s holistic centre in Kajang, Malaysia before going on to Kelang to work as a team for close to five years.

During our aura reading sessions, Selvi would tell me what she saw and I would take notes on an aura chart. Eventually a pattern began to emerge. In most women, Selvi would see grey or darkness on the left side of her body. And she would see the same grey or darkness on the right side of a man’s body.

Darkness in the aura indicates an absence of life force. And usually is the precursor of disease. When a person’s aura is totally dark, disease or death is about to take place.

Yin refers to feminine energy which is more emotional in nature and refers to the left side of the body. And Yang refers to masculine energy which is more aggressive and refers to the right side of the body.

Every male or female has both Yin and Yang aspects. Though of course, we have seen men who are feminine in nature and we have seen females who behaved in a masculine manner.

The more emotionally distressed a woman was, the darker would be the left side of her body. It was the same for the man. If he was emotionally distressed, his left side would be very dark too.

In one particular case, we told one woman client in her early 30s that she had a very dark aura on her left side. And I asked whether she was experiencing any numbness.

Numbness is often one of the early signs of an oncoming stroke. She said that it was just beginning on her hand. I then asked about her emotional history and in the conversation that ensued, she admitted that she was sexually and emotionally abused when she was very young and she was still emotionally traumatized by that incident.

We managed to get her to begin a process known as emotional release and we ended it by asking her to forgive the perpetrator and to forgive herself for feeling guilty. As she did so, she felt a surge of energy moving up her left arm and Selvi could see darkness moving away to be replaced by the colour blue which indicates that health was returning to the arm.

As we continued to work on forgiving herself and her perpetrator, more darkness left her left side and a lovely blue and green aura appeared. By the end of that session, her aura reflected the beautiful colours of the rainbow. And the numbness had gone.

We normally find in our healing sessions that forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing tools available to us. Through the process of sincere forgiveness, surges of energy in the form of white light takes place allowing the affected part of the body to regain its normal life-force. This explains how the numbness or absence of life-force, went away.

The lady client was told that continuing to forgive the perpetrator was important. If she went back to the emotional spiral of pain and victimization, she would revert to her old pain body which would eventually result in darkness in her left or yin side of her body. Eventually, that would result in a stroke.

On the other hand, when Selvi sees someone who is very stressed out, who is always in a rush to get things done, or worried over business deadlines, or about the future, their aura on the right or yang side would be very dark – irrespective of whether that person is male or female.

It is quite common for most businessmen to have this kind of aura though the typical woman CEO or high achiever is also affected as well. Stress doesn’t discriminate between genders. Both men and women are equally affected and succumb to stress.

In these type of cases, besides the emotional release process, we often advise these Type A ambitious personalities to take a break or to change their profession or to be more realistic about their goals. Being alive and healthy is preferable to being stressed out and a prime candidate for a stroke waiting to happen.

At the end of the day most corporate types are beginning to reassess their life goals and purpose. Chasing promotion or millions by living life in the fast lane cannot compensate for the debilitation of a stroke. There’s an old saying, we ruin our health by chasing after money. Then we spend all that money to regain the health that we ruined.

So listen. Take time out, try and live as balanced a life as possible. Focus on the little things in life – listen to the sound of running water. Go bowling. Take up tai chi. Paint. Listen to music. Smile. Laugh. Play with your children. Plant flowers. Love yourself and love everyone. And you’ll end up healthier and happier.

Another Original Article written by Andrew khor