The Worst Exercise For Abs – Do not Do This If You Want A Sexy Six Pack


I love my Mum. I love her to bits. But the other week she introduced me to the worst exercise for abs ever when I went over to visit her in her new place (strangely it was about three blocks from the old place).

I'll set the scene: mum and I were catching up as she was giving me a quick tour of the home when out of the corner of my eye I saw this weird, dust-covered contraption stacked up against a bare wall in one of the empty bedrooms. On closer inspection I found it was one of those late-night infomercial abcrunch2000 machines or something like that. I shot Mum a look of bewilderment, we've often talked about the way to eat and exercise to lose unwanted belly fat and I was surprised she had bought it.

The thing obviously had not been used much. Mum told me she saw it on TV one night and explained how the infomercial guys were ripped and tanned (probably fitness models who have trained and ateen strictly for years) and made it look so easy. She said the infomercial had all these people saying it was the best exercise for abs ever and it had changed their lives and yadda yadda. Mum even said the infomercial said she could get a slim, toned midsection while sitting on the couch watching TV. I look my head in disbelief. She had been totally ripped off!

I'm not surprised though, infomercials are designed to suck you in and make you believe the product benefits are the greatest thing since slice bread. Of course you're going to buy the ab gadget that proudly proclaims it's the best exercise for abs ever invented – you'd think you'd be fool not to.

But the truth is quite the opposite. Even if Mum had used the silly thing it would not have given her anywhere near the results it promised because it was, like every other lame-o ab machine, missing the key ingredient to strip stubborn stomach flab and finally getting the sexy six pack you deserve.


Trust me, I used the stupid thing and cranked it up to its highest setting to see if I could get it to actually work. To be completely honest, I did not feel even a tingle across my entire abs. In fact, I go as far as to say the machine was just about the worst exercise for abs I've ever some across. It was utter rubbish.

Suffice to say, I sat Mum down and explained the 3 essential keys to getting a toned and sexy midsection

* Good eating: Cut high fat and high sugar foods. Hit the right ratio of protein, carb, and fats each meal. And eat regularly including breakfast.
* An intelligent workout: Do full body training with multi-joint lifts and a bit of interval cardio training at a high intensity a few sessions a week. This will kick your metabolism into gear and give you the right hormonal environment to shed tummy blubber – turning on the fat loss mechanisms.
* Drink plenty of water: It's good for your body and helps you feel full.

The problem is that my Mum is just one of many who are getting sucked in by these gadgets and literally throwing their money away on things that just do not work.

"So what is the best exercise for abs?" I hear you say. Well it's not that simple. There are a few elements that make up a good strategy to blast belly fat – some of which I've indicated above but there is one extremely important factor – crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of infomercial advertising.

Get informed – find a resource from a real professional that actually works and use it. Get a personal trainer or you can find excellent resources online that cost a fraction of the cost of meeting with a trainer face to face (or the purchase price of a useless ab gimmick claiming to be the best exercise for abs ever). Once you have a resource that lays out everything you need to do in a simple blueprint that's easy to follow, your success is actually assured. That would be my number one tip for my Mum and it's probably I good idea for you too.

So please seek the information you need to get the results you want: a sexy, toned waistline and avoid the gimmicks. From my perspective, the best exercise for abs is simple common sense.


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