The World of Astrology Matching

Many centuries ago, people considered astrology as both an art and a science. Those who practiced it were held in great respect. They gave advice to ancient kings and emperors on important matters like when to go into battle and when to marry. However, the astronomers and the astrologers gradually separated from each other as the years go by. In our modern age, these wise sages appear in the magazines to give all of us our horoscope. I admit that I find astrology matching a fascinating subject, even if I am not really interested in its fortune telling aspect.

In some people’s opinion, the idea of our personalities being shaped by the position of the stars at the time of our birth is a ridiculous notion. I have read about the twelve signs of the zodiac and the merits and faults of each one. I am surprised to find that many things ring true when I observed my family and friends. Astrology matching is probably the most complex issue of all. In this method, you can evaluate how different signs will get along. You can apply astrology matching to family relationships, friendships, business relationships and romantic ones.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a big, fat book on astrology which focused on the idea of astrology matching. The first thing I looked at was if me and my husband’s match is a good one. Apparently, we are one of the best matches because I am Cancer and he is Scorpio. However, this winning combination didn’t do Prince Charles and Princess Diana any good so there are also exceptions when it comes to astrology matching.

The various zodiac signs falls into the four classic elements of air, water, fire and earth. This means that those who are under the fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fiery, passionate persons. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini fall which in the Air signs are the cerebral thinkers. The Earth signs which include Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are the no nonsense, salt of the Earth types. Lastly, the Water signs which include Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are the emotional, sensitive ones. These elements are important when it comes to astrology matching.

The topic of finding a soul mate always comes up whenever astrology matching is being discussed. This is not focused on finding an identical person, but someone who will complement you with their own attributes. The pairing of two signs together is not always a good idea because it doubles up on too many things. For example, two Cancers together could make for too much sulking and two Leos could be a little too volatile. Make sure that matching through astrology should not have too much influence on your choice of mate. You should just give it some notice and you may be surprised by the outcome.