The Wonders of Massage Therapy Vs Aromatherapy

About 6000 years ago in the land of Egypt, aromatherapy was exclusively used and recommended by the Egyptian doctors as a combination of massage and essential oils. That combination helped relieve burn-outs, stress, depression, aches, pain, and so on. As time goes by, massage therapy broke away from essential oils. Presently, essential oils now known as aromatherapy products now work as stand alone products. As it is presently, this combination is being recommended as the best solution for a healthier body and mind. That brings us to a vital question, can essential oils actually fight diseases to heal the mind and body as stand alone aromatherapy products?

Aromatherapy oils are volatile oils used for flavourings and as perfumes and are extracted from living plants. Fixed oils are different because they are not volatile and fatty in nature. That being the case, how can one tell if aromatherapy essential oils can work alone when compared to the massaging therapy. It is a known thing that aromatherapy oils work in conjunction with massage to bring about a healing of the body and mind. But some are concerned that as a stand alone products that aromatherapy oils may not be able to heal without the massaging therapy. Well that is a good question and i will like to answer it. Let’s us get a proper definition or meaning for these two therapies namely; aromatherapy oils and massaging.

Massage therapy: This is the gradual rubbing of the whole body, paying attention to special areas like pressure joints, thus releasing muscle tension that has developed along the stomach line, shoulder, hips etc. When this is done with essential oils, a healing effect is achieved which relaxes the mind and body using the natural scents radiated by these essential oils.

Aromatherapy essential oils: Ordinarily as stand alone oils, they have natural scents that engulfs the atmosphere surrounding where it is opened. It is a known fact that these oils preserve their natural scents because they are extracted from living plants. If an oil has a natural scent and fragrances preserved, i see no reason why its smell should not relax the mind and body. But to further clear that, what are essential oils claimed to heal? Let us consider the answers as to why these oils can still function as stand alones. We will consider just two aromatherapy essential oils.

Frankincense is an essential oil used as incense for burning to produce a sweet smell usually used in perfumes. One of its main healing functions is that it serves as an antiseptic. Since it is a natural antiseptic and very pure and undiluted, don’t you think that if the smell can be inhaled via its scent into the lungs and body, that it can have a healing effect on anyone who inhales it? The scent can remove toxic, diuretic, and help in sedating one.

Another essential oils is Fir needle. Merchants have it that this oil can can aid in healing bronchitis symptoms, muscle aches, rheumatism, coughing, sinusitis, colds, and so on. As the frankincense too, this one has an antiseptic characteristics and this can be inhaled when the oil is opened. Now do you think you will receive any form of healing if you inhale this antiseptic from the air. The answer is an obvious yes answer. This is true if you are breathing pure and undiluted antiseptic directly from the air.

Aromatherapy oils when combined with massaging therapy can result to a wonderful healing of the body and soul, this i want to recommend. Moreover, it seems that essential oils of aromatherapy can equally function very well without the combination by just inhaling it.