The Very Best Natural Cure For Insomnia

Ah, so dear ‘ol insomnia bares it’s fangs at you as well? Well you are not alone. Like so many others, does this monster visit you regularly at night and keep you from going to and/or staying in that blissful place called sleep or dream land? If only the sucker would perhaps come only during all those boring and dull lectures at school, or one of those really long office meetings where it seems the speakers might as well be talking in a foreign language ‘cos all you see them do is move their lips.

Just about every human being is visited by this dude at one point in their life or another. As you would know, insomnia is difficulty in initiating and/or maintaining sleep, and feeling poorly rested in the morning. Unfortunately, this condition can have a great negative impact on quality of life you live.

I know the feeling when night time comes and you get into bed, to rest your tired and weary body and mind, but hours after you got into bed, you are still awake. Or you find that you have woken up several times during the night and before you know it, it’s time to get up and start a new day, which you are ill prepared and rested for. Once upon a time, there were several times during the week when I would be awake till about 5 or 6 am with little or no sleep. I was a chronic insomnia to my bone marrow.

If the last paragraph describes you and the many ‘sleep battles’ you engage in night after night, be of good cheer, for your insomnia troubles ends this day, BUT ONLY if you take the action that is recommended.

Insomnia is classified into three categories: transient, intermittent and chronic, but whatever type and severity yours is, know for certain that there is a permanent and natural cure for insomnia. Like I said, I am speaking from experience and the countless other people whom I have introduced what I am about to tell you, have experienced similar amazing results, such that they can easily enter into a sleeping competition and chances are high that they would win or at least come tops.

To cure insomnia permanently, you first need to know the “root cause” of insomnia, and this has nothing to do with depression, or having a lot of things on your mind or any such. Those are all secondary causes of insomnia. The root or main cause has to do with your brain activities. This is a relatively new discovery and even a lot of medical doctors are unaware of this find.

You can permanently cure your insomnia with ‘music,’ or more specifically sound ‘frequencies.’ It’s commonly referred to as brainwave technology and it is the best thing that can happen to anybody who has sleeping problems. Brainwaves, which is the different states and levels of activity in which your brain is functioning at any given point in time is the key to understanding why you find it so hard to sleep.

There are four main levels of brain activity in a human being at any time during a 24-hour day and those levels are:

1. Beta Brainwaves Which range from 13-30 HZ. In this level your mind is active and fully conscious and functional, like it usually is during the day.

2. Alpha Brainwaves (7-13 Hz) : This state is what happens when you are in a relaxed or calm state or day dreaming.

3. Theta Brainwaves (3 – 7 Hz) in this level, your mind or brain is in a light sleep, such as when you take a nap in the afternoons.

4. Delta Brainwaves (0.1 – 3 Hz) Associated with deep sleep.

What all these means is that most times at night when you cannot sleep, your brain is still functioning at Beta or active levels, i.e. as if it were still day time, and no matter what you do, or what sleeping tables you take, you will not be able to achieve that state of restful sleep you desire. Yes sleeping tablets may knock you out and you may sleep, but the sleep will never be refreshing and you will almost always wake up feeling drowsy and not refreshed and probably with headaches and more.

For you to sleep and sleep properly, your brain activity needs to drop from active Beta to relaxed Theta or Delta levels. And if this does not happen naturally by itself the way nature intended it to, the the only other ‘natural’ way to do so is by ‘entraining’ the brain to fall into this frequency by using music or sound that is playing at THE EXACT or near same frequencies of Theta or Delta frequency.

Not only do you fall asleep shortly after listening to this sound frequency, but even when you are only able to sleep for a few hours, maybe because you slept late and have to get up earlier than usual, your sleep is still so much more refreshing and ‘filling.’ While there are other ‘natural’ substances that can act as a natural remedy or cure for insomnia, such as drinking chamomile tea, taking honey, or a warm glass of milk shortly before sleep. All these don’t come close to the effectiveness of using sound frequencies or binaural beats to induce sleep. And besides, these other methods are more of short term solutions, for you will always have to take these substances to have the desired result, and just like sleeping tablets, your body will be dependent on them to induce sleep.

On the other hand, using sound frequency or brainwave technology to induce sleep has the added advantage of being a ‘short’ term thing in that after continuous use of this method over a period of time, you brain will soon naturally be able to go into this sleep and relaxed state by itself without needing to be induced. Just like practice makes for perfection, after several ‘practices,’ of falling asleep using sound frequency your brain will soon be a master at the art of sleeping, and you be sure that your ‘Troy’-like sleep battles or the torture you endure during all those office meetings will surely not get the best of you any more.