The Various Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

If you’re hemorrhoids have gotten to the point where they are too much to bear, it’s time to look seriously into your treatment options. This process can be difficult because there a large number of treatments available that all vary in their level of invasion and intensity. This article will attempt to look at a sample of the available hemorrhoid treatments from the various categories and examine their merit individually.

First up, you need to weigh your most friendly options. The smartest strategy is to start out with the simplest treatments and only proceed to treatments that are more invasive if and as they are required.

This lowest level of treatments includes things that can be bought over the counter and through the internet, otherwise called home remedies. These can be creams, gels, or ointments that can be applied to the affected area or oral treatments that can go to work on the inner causes of hemorrhoids. If these treatments aren’t effective after two weeks of usage, sufferers can look to the next level.

Next up are treatments sometimes termed “minimally invasive” options, although relatively they are certainly more invasive than those we’ve previously discussed. They include things like “rubber ligation” therapy which cut off the blood supply to the painful hemorrhoids with the use of tiny rubber bands. Eventually through this treatment, the hemorrhoid simply falls off. This is an option mostly used for internal as opposed to external hemorrhoids.

The next level of treatment from here are what are termed surgical options. The most common forms here are hemorrhoidectomy, and stapling, both involving the physical removal or restriction of the hemorrhoid through surgical procedure. These options can have side affects and involve longer recovery times but may be necessary for serious cases.