The Various Causes of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a deadly disease that can strike immediately and take the victim by surprise. The causes of heart disease is associated with the inefficiency of the heart to pump away the blood returning to it fast enough fact causing congestion in the veins.

Various causes of heart disease have been recorded which range from infections that:
1) Myccarditis: Inflammation of the heart muscles
2) Pericarditis: Inflammation of the membrane covering the heart
3) Endocarditis: inflammation of the lining of the heart
4) Aortitis: inflammation of the aorta

For further understanding on the causes of heart disease, endocarditis affects the valves and heart lining, leaving scars which interfere with their proper closing. Rheumatic fever is responsible for about or over 80% of infectious diseases among 5-25 years of age.

Main cause of rheumatic fever is associated with bacteria known as streptococci. This bacterium is round or spherical in nature. It often causes diseases such as scarlet fever or pneumonia. The bacteria link together in pairs or chains. It also causes strep throat which is an acute sore throat that is accompanied by fever and inflammation. Strep throat and scarlet fever may trigger off rheumatic infection in susceptible persons. This is not contagious, but tend to run in families. This may be associated with:

A. An inherited tendency
B. Poor diet
C. Inadequate protection from cold and damp
D. Frequent throat infections

Noteworthy is the fact that one attack makes a child suspicious to another attack. Regardless of fact that heart disease is deadly and causes instant death, if one adheres to such recommendations as healthy diet, regular exercise etc, the risk is minimized.