The Use of Ambien and Xanax

An Overview On Ambien

Known in its generic name zolpidem, Ambien is used for those patients suffering from sleep problems, particularly insomnia. Ambien is generally safe for use, but those with history of drug abuse, or problems such as depression, lung or liver problems, and those pregnant and nursing women should be closely supervised in the whole duration of treatment.

Ambien is known to be associated with side effects such as suicidal tendencies, short-term amnesia during sleep, allergic reaction and anxiety. These side effects will become more likely experienced by patients combining Ambien with other medications, such as Xanax and other sleep aid medications, or those medications with opposite effect. Those who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms with Ambien experiences these: crying, insomnia, nausea and vomiting and panic attacks.

An Overview On Xanax

Xanax or alprazolam, is for those adult patients dealing with panic disorders and anxiety. This is not suitable for use among women who are pregnant (or might be pregnant) or breastfeeding. Using such medication increases the likelihood to damage unborn babies. Side effects like suicidal tendencies, mania, as well as depression is not uncommon. Getting hooked with this medication is high, and patients most likely experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, weight loss and increased sensory perception.


Xanax has the ability to depress the CNS (central nervous system), thus taking this medication should be done with utmost care, especially when combined with other similar medications for psychotic problems.

But according to, It is possible to combine Xanax and Ambien in a single treatment, but there is a likelihood to increase its side effects when taken without supervision of the attending or prescribing physician. During treatment of both medications, it is important to immediately report any side effects, especially those that involve the CNS or respiration.

Take This As An Example

Last February 2008, a renowned actor Heath Ledger died due to a lethal combination of sleep inducing and anti-anxiety medications. Although non of the drugs was taken in excess, the combination of the drugs slowed down his CNS big time, causing his hear to stop beating and lungs prevented from gasping more air. Heath Ledger was not able to wake up due to this incident, and was announced dead right after.

Alternatives If Xanax and Ambien combination becomes too strong for the patient to take, he maybe suggested these alternative therapies: acupuncture, L-theanine, magnesium, mind-body therapy and valerian. However, these alternative options also have a set of side effects- only milder than synthetic medications like Xanax and Ambien generic. Thus, it is still advised to consult their doctors first.