The Ultimate Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Review

Are you having sinus infection symptoms for more than 8 weeks at a time? If so then most likely you have chronic sinusitis and this article is written for you. With the millions of people suffering from chronic sinusitis, the typical run of the mill therapies have obviously proven ineffective. So here’s a review of the best chronic sinusitis treatments on the market today.

Recent research has shed some light on why people suffer from chronic sinusitis instead of just a quick 2-5 day infection that clears. The Mayo Clinic, the nation’s premier hospitals for difficult cases, has consistently pointed to the fact that the chronic version occurs due to fungal colonization of the nasal passages. It is estimated that this occurs in 96% of the cases.

Dr David Sherris, one of the researchers states that “fungus is likely the cause of nearly all of these problems. It’s not an allergic reaction but an immune reaction.” Even the American Academy of Otolaryngology has gotten on board suggesting to their group of physicians to treat fungal issues when chronic sinusitis is seen.

Fungus (molds and spores) come in thousands of different varieties and are carried through the air similar to pollen. Often people with chronic sinusitis live in damp places or near large bodies of water where fungus likes to grow.

So if it’s obvious in the majority of cases yeast (fungus) is the issue for chronic sinusitis then the most effective treatments would be addressing fungus.

First you’ve got to eliminate excessive spore or mold exposure. Take a look around your house, particularly in the basement as this is the majority of your exposure. Look under sinks, shower sealants, bathroom grout; anywhere that water and some surface come in contact with. You’re looking for small black streaks or a mild stagnant smell. I have often heard of mold actually growing in your air ducts particularly if you have a swamp cooler. It may be best to have a professional mold company come out to your home to inspect. Many offer free inspections

Next you have got to boost your immune system to combat these fungal issues. Very often is see weak immune systems being the culprit of chronic sinusitis. Fungal infections are fought of by a specific part of the immune system so your general immune booster herbs and vitamins won’t cut it. What you want to do is increase the population of Natural Killer (NK) cells. These cells are the sentinels, scouting and surveying your body to make sure no foreign invaders have taken up residence. And if they do find something foreign they immediately start to attack it and secrete cytokine that signal to other immune cells to help in the fight.

The best way to increase Natural Killer cells is through the ingestion of fractionated mushrooms Reishi and Miatake. Research has shown both to dramatically increase NK cell count as well as help combat fungal infections. You must take the fractionated portion which contains beta-glucan. This is the active medicinal ingredient.

Finally using a nasal spray to open the sinuses and kill the yeast is vital. There are many prescription nasal sprays that have been designed for this. You can ask your local physician if you’d like to try one, but if you are looking for something more holistic there are many herbal sprays out there.

The key ingredient: xylitol.

This alcohol sugar dilates the nasal passages allowing the anti-fungal portions of the nasal sprays to enter the sinuses. Dilating the passages is the most important part as without this ingredient the spray will never get into the sinuses due to being blocked or closed from mucus or swollen tissue.

So remember, if it’s chronic go after the fungal/yeast connection as the ultimate chronic sinusitis treatment.