The Turmeric Psoriasis Treatment: Using An Herb To Cure Psoriasis

Natural home remedies have helped thousands of men and women to eliminate psoriasis as a problem in their lives. Many and various herbs contribute to this — including what we shall refer to as the turmeric psoriasis treatment.

What is turmeric? It comes from the southern sections of Asia and is a spice. It is much like the ginger root and is widely used in the recipes of Pakistan, India and other neighboring countries.

Why is turmeric used in natural home remedies? Because it contains a very powerful anti-inflammation ingredient. The turmeric found in herbal medicines, however, is a much higher dosage than you could find on your spice rack at home.

Before using any medicinal herbs you should check with your doctor. While turmeric is considered very safe, if you have a stomach or intestinal disorder like gallstones, ulcers or a bile obstruction, you should certainly first get your doctor’s OK.  The same is true if you have any serious medical conditions.

A reputable health food store should have a good turmeric root supplement.  Chances are it will be in the form of a powder, pills, or capsules, and will be pharmaceutical grade – much different from the turmeric you have on your spice rack at home.

While the pills or capsules are certainly less difficult to take, the powder can be made into a paste and applied to the skin. Watch out, though, because turmeric is used in many dyes and can permanently stain clothing. It will also discolor your skin and takes a while to wash or wear off.

For now, let’s just concentrate on the pill form.

You can stop future psoriasis flare-ups by ingesting the anti-inflammatory ingredients found in turmeric. These, in turn, prevent the inflammation that triggers these incidents.

It is common to find turmeric in dosages of 500 mgs and 250 mgs, although other dosages may also be available..

You might check with your health food store professional on the dosage recommended. Usually herbalists recommend about two to three grams every 24 hours. If you have 500 mgs capsules, try taking 2 at each meal.

By the way, no dosage has been set for children, so before giving turmeric to your child you should first check with your pediatrician.

If you want to eliminate flare-ups completely, then the turmeric psoriasis treatment is just a first step. You should, however, start noticing that your flare-ups are less severe after about two weeks of taking this supplement.