The Truth of Electrical Collars for Dogs


When thinking of different methods a person may utilize when training their dog, the use of electronic collars and electrical gaps will be an option. However, it is vitally important to the health of your dog and to the relationship you will have with your dog, to understand what exactly an electric collar will do to your pet. Will an electric collar be an effective training aid? It is not a training aid, it is a pain-inflicting device; similar to any torture mechanism.

When first hearing of this magical fence, one may think this is a clever invention; an easy way for a person to keep control over their dog and to train them without exerting much effort. It is important to understand exactly what these devices are and how they work. The electrical color is a shock collar; and it is literally that: it acts as a receiver that when triggered will deliver a painful electrical shock directly into the tender neck area of ​​a dog.

If the shock was "gentle and safe" as advertised, dogs would run through the triggers without pausing. There are two probes that are in contact with the dog's skin and in this way, the electrical current will be sent into the dog each time the animal misbehaves or attempts to run through the "invisible" fence. The dog's shock collar is controlled by a remote transmitter that will have varying ranges. When using this device, a dog will be brutally shocked, as they go near the triggers.

The use of an electrical collar is to satisfy people who wish to control their dog from long distance, without having to say commands or use noise-producing methods. This method of control allows a person to train their dog without interaction with their pet. Essentially, this method is used by uneducated and lazy people who do not deserve to have a dog.

This device is not usually effective. If a dog is out of range of the transmitter, the device will not work and a person risks the chance of their pet running away. A dog may also slip out of the collar or break loose. In addition, the instinct to run after something is so strong; most dogs will run right through the "invisible" fence. They will be electrocuted. A dog will not realize what has happened; they will only know that they are in severe pain.

The idea of ​​calling this a fence is ludicrous, as it will not prevent anything from coming into your yard; and a dog most likely run through it in any case. A dog describes to have a safe and happy home; a secure and supervised fenced in area in which to play. A dog should never be a prisoner surrounded by dangerous, pain inflating fencing, dare they ever wander near.

The basic principle of this electronic collar is to purposely inflate pain upon your pet. This device has been created with the purpose of some negative reinforcement. Instead of praising and rewarding a dog for listening and behaving, a dog is injured for unwanted behavior. Small dogs in particular are fragile and can not handle being shocked over and over again.

One must consider how much pain can be inflated on a dog before it becomes animal cruelty. Logic would dictate it would only take one incident of intentionally electrocuting your pet to fall under the category of gross neglect and animal cruelty.