The Truth About CoQ10 Benefits and Side Effects

It’s very easy to get sold all sorts of products online. It seems every internet article you read is more of an advertisement than some useful information on a product. This is particularly the case when it comes to dietary supplements.

Often, the articles are misleading, telling you all about the benefits, but not the side effects, of substances. If you are trying to find more about CoQ10 benefits or side effects, then this is the right, unbiased article for you.

What is CoQ10?

o CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, is a natural compound, present in every cell of a body.

o Although present in every cell, concentrations vary in different parts of the body, and people will have varying natural CoQ10 producing abilities.

o CoQ10 can be consumed as part of a daily diet. High concentrations can be found in fish and meat.

CoQ10 Benefits and deficiencies

CoQ10 contributes to a complex cellular chemical transfer inside the body, ensuring that our body is able to produce the energy we need to carry out our daily lives fighting fit and in good health. CoQ10 concentrations are highest in the heart, but large amounts are also used by other critical organs such as the liver.

CoQ10 has powerful antioxidant properties, helping to quickly deal with all imposing antigens that enter your body.

Because the chemical process involved with producing CoQ10 is extremely complex, many people suffer CoQ10 deficiencies. A deficiency of CoQ10 will be reflected by the condition of the heart and other major organs. Deficiency likelihood increases with age, as does the risk of many other ailments.

o CoQ10 benefits are best enjoyed by the young, looking to keep their bodies healthy. Include regular consumption and monitoring during early and ongoing adulthood to reduce the risk of a Coenzyme Q10 deficiency; and help keep more serious illnesses and diseases at bay, helping you live healthier for longer.

If you have any heart health concerns or issues, consider increasing the CoQ10 in your diet. Before taking any serious or long term diet changes or supplements, you should ALWAYS consider any potential side effects, and check for any health related warnings.

CoQ10 Side Effects

Any individual taking any substances (legal or otherwise), dietary supplements or herbal supplements that affect the body’s blood sugars MUST consult professional medical advice before making any changes. Coenzyme Q10 has been known to alter blood glucose levels in rare cases.

Obviously, anyone with diabetes or hypoglycaemia should consult with their health specialist (relating specifically to these conditions) before changing their diet to include increased CoQ10 consumption.

CoQ10 has also been known to cause lower blood pressure than usual in some patients. It is advised anyone with low blood pressure, or those taking blood pressure medication should consult medical advice before increasing CoQ10 intake.

If unrelated medication poses a possible side effect of low blood pressure, or if you are unsure whether you should increase your CoQ10 levels, go seek medical advice. It is far better to be safe, than sorry. You want something that’s going to work with you to improve your body, not contribute to its demise, so shop safely for any and all supplements.