The Training of the Tongue – Pleasing the Woman by Beginning Orally


The training of the tongue involves exercising it in different ways. This will help strengthen and develop the muscles needed for a quality performance.After doing these exercises regularly, you should be able to notice a difference when you are going down on your intended love interest. The training of the tongue can really help to improve sex all around.

There are many ways to increase the chances of giving the woman an orgasm. The training of the tongue can help. The one thing that I like to stress is never giving up. Many women just cannot climax through natural means of vaginal penetration. This is completely natural. There is nothing wrong with this and this is normal. I will say that you can drastically increase your chances of achieving orgasms by beginning with oral stimulation.

One thing needs to be clear first, and that is; Does she Like it? As crazy as it may seem some women do not like receiving oral sex. Just like some men do not like giving it. I personally always thought both were a little crazy but that is just not the case. Mother Nature only has one single rule and that is: There is an exception to her every rule. Just when you think, ‘Well, that means everyone,’ then it really means one will come to break the generality.

Alright, On To The Training of The Tongue Exercises that were accidentally left out of the first edition of this little article.

Exercise number one is the stretcher. Stick out your tongue as far as it will go and try to touch the bottom of your chin. Then bring it back in. Then, stick it back out and doing the same stretch only try to touch your nose this time. Then bring it back in. Do this around three times a day in sets of twenty or twenty five.

The second is the tongue push ups. Pressing the tip of your tongue to the top of your teeth and folding it back in. Just tense the muscle and release. Tense and release. The next one will be focusing on the reverse, by pressing the tip of your tongue on the bottom of your teeth folding it outward. Pushing it outward and again tighten and relax. Tense and release.

This last one involves getting yourself a lollipop. Or at least something very small that you can clench between your teeth. Once this object is firmly in place just go to town with your tongue. Try to develop that flicker movement that is usually associated with snakes. With practice you can achieve this. But once you do, do not just go straight into that just because you can. My best advice is to start with wide slow strokes. Then slowly work your way into the flicker.

Like any other skill in this world practice makes perfect. Giving your tongue a work-out will increase your endurance for longer, and more improved licking. The truth is it really works. You have nothing to lose so just give it a try.

The Training of the Tongue is really not as ridiculous as it may seem or sound at first. The tongue is, after all, a muscle and with practice it can grow resulting in maximum control. The more practice you give your tongue the better and more flexible it will become. This will make you a much better at giving your loved one oral pleasure. You may even get yourself a title of some sort, like the best mouth of the south. Who knows anything is possible right?