The Top Three Nail Polishes

A girl wearing nail polish is one of the sexiest things she can do. It gives her a very cute and feminine look. That is why picking a high quality polish is so important!

These are some of the top selling nail polishes today, as well as some information about them, and my personal opinion on them.

Every polish brand listed below is a top seller in America. They have some crucial differences, but they are all of high quality. All of the brands have lots of different colors to choose from, dry quickly, and are resistant to chipping and smudging.

So without further ado, here are the top sellers:


OPI is the number one brand in America. Ladies love it because it continues to look as good as the day you applied it for weeks on end, and it almost never chips. Plus it has a ton of fun colors, and the names of the colors are awesome! Here are some examples:

Social Climber
Casting Call
On Stage
Dear Diary…
Arm Candy
High Maintenance
Don’t go there
Charge it!
Domestic Goddess
Ms. Can’t be Wrong

And so many more!


Another solid brand is Essie! Like OPI, it lasts a long time on your nail without any signs of wearing thin. It has much more traditional “girly” colors, mostly shades of pink and red. Its a little more subtle than the OPI collection in terms of flashiness, but still an excellent product overall.


This is another great brand of polish, sharing a lot of the great qualities found in OPI and Essie. However, there is one key difference: it is free of DBP.

For those of you that don’t know, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) is a toxic chemical that’s purpose in nail polish is to make it last longer. Other popular brands (like OPI, Essie, and Sally Hansen) contain small amounts of DBP in their nail polish. In Europe, they forced companies that were manufacturing nail polish with DBP to discontinue using it because of the potential risk associated with exposure. However, with such small quantities of DBP found in nail polish, actual risk due to exposure to DBP in nail polish has never been proven. It is still debated whether there is a true risk, but many pregnant mothers or mothers with newborns choose to use a polish that does not contain DBP.

If DBP is something that concerns you, Zoya is a great polish that doesn’t contain DBP.

Those are the best three nail polish brands in America. Pick any of those, and you can’t go wrong. Good luck maintaining those pretty toes!