The Tonsils Disease

The Tonsillitis is the term used to refer to the inflamed Tonsils. This is a viral or a bacteria infection. In most cases, if the condition is caused by a viral infection, it resolves itself without any need for treatment. However, one needs to get adequate rest, pain medications as well as more fluids.

The strep bacteria are the main cause of the Tonsillitis by bacterial infection. This condition is commonly accompanied by fever and the Tonsils appear swollen. In most cases, they appear to be coated by white infectious substances or generally have white spots on it. This can result in headaches as well as the swelling of the glands under the jaw.

The strep throat, which is infection, caused by bacterial infection, needs treatment using antibiotics. This should be done promptly as some can progress to a serious stage of scarlet fever or even rheumatic fever. This damages the heart and it should be avoided at all costs. Diagnosis should be taken to establish the main cause. This takes a few minutes in the doctor’s office and can save one a lot. In case of sever condition or symptoms; it is highly advised that one seek medical attention to curb severity.

Some of the viral infections leading to Tonsillitis do not require medical attention and can heal with rest and fluid intake. However, there are certain viruses such as Mononucleosis. The infection is commonly associated with slight fevers, exhaustion and stomach aches. The condition requires medical attention. This is because it can lead to enlarged spleen or liver, which is fatal.