The Three Ways of Cheap International Calls

There are three ways you can talk to you near and dear ones living off shores. And, those three ways are, from computers, fixed line phones and mobiles. Now, all the three channels can be used for making free or cheap calls. All this has become possible with the help of the breakthrough technology called voice over Internet protocol. In this technology all the calls are made using the World Wide Web.

Free calls can be made from computer to computer by using programs such as Skype.It can be downloaded free from there site and if the other person is also using Skype on his / her computer than the call will be free no matter how long you talk and no matter where in the world other person is. However, if you want to call on somebody's mobile or landline phone using this technology then you will have to buy 'credits' means you need to buy calling cards from these service providers. For example, if you are using Skype on your PC or on your VOIP enabled phone and you want to make calls to some mobile or fix line phone then you have to buy 'credits' to place that call.

There are various calling card service providers in the market offering various plans. The companies like Skype, NodelCom, SpeedyPin, ComFi etc. are some of the main players dealing in this market. The main advantage of using these online refilling phone cards is that you can recharge it according to your need at any point of time provided you have PC at your home having Internet access.

An international calling card can be used effectively on both landline and mobile phones by dialing 10 digits key available with the card.

There is a cut throat competition between service providers to gain the more market share of cheap international calling cards it has created the favorable atmosphere for the customers to choose from different offers. And, if you are not satisfied with your service provider you can always choose the other one.