The Three Types of Tumor Treatment

There are several things that are beyond the reach of the human mind. Sometimes the occurrence and existence of different forms of life threatening disease becomes a mystery. It is so difficult to think that certain types of disease exist in order to harm the condition of our health. It is also a mystery how these diseases developed and how it can be stopped. The birth of tumors in the medical world is one of the most difficult things to explain and modify.

Tumor is a term which refers to the abnormal size of the tissue or organ inside our body. The abnormal size of a certain tissue or organ may lead to serious problems due to its abnormal effects to the body. Tumors are usually removed using different types of methods. In general the method which will be used in removing a certain tumor will depend on its nature and the condition of the patient.

Tumors are generally classified in two categories. Benign tumors are those organs that appear to be abnormal in size but are not considered as dangerous. Benign tumors are also termed as tumors that are not active. Meanwhile, a malignant lump is the one that threatens the lives of several people. Malignant tumor is the condition wherein the abnormal size of the tissue or organ is actively changing. The main distinction between a benign lump and a malignant lump is that, the development of the latter can affect the other parts of the body.

A person who is diagnosed to have a malignant lump must seek the attention of an oncologist as soon as possible. It is because malignant tumors are proven to be the physical representation of cancer cells. It could be possible that small tumor may lead to the most feared cancer.

Nowadays several methods of treating tumors were already introduced to the people. One of the most common types of method is chemotherapy. In general chemotherapy includes different types of medicines or drugs in order to dissolve cancer cells. Such types of drugs are proven to have strong effects; as a result, it can damage the hair and even the skin of the patient.

Moreover radiation therapy is another method used in order to target and eliminate cancer cells. This therapy suggests the use of laser and radiation. Laser is the best tool to locate the affected area of ​​the body because of its accuracy.

Radiation therapy can be performed without the fear of damaging the other portion of the body. This type of therapy is very much effective in cases such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

On the other hand one of the latest and most advanced types of tumor treatment is the gene therapy. This type of treatment has something to do with the composition of cells. Scientists supposed that since viruses has been linked to the occurrence of cancer, they tried to change the genetic composition of a certain virus and replace it with a certain enzyme that stops the growth of cancer cells.