The Three Secrets to Curing Psoriasis Here And Now

What you are about to learn here and now not only applies to psoriasis, but also to most diseases out there. First, understand that the body in its natural state is slightly alkaline. It must maintain this alkaline state for your very survival. Most of us are natural alkaline producers in our early years and this explains why our children can get away with eating junk, or an imbalanced diet, and still be healthy right up until their 20s.

But as you close in on the 30s and 40s, the majority of us have become very acidic because of the foods we eat, pesticides and preservatives we take in, parasites and toxins. We go from being in a more or less alkaline state with great bodies and energy, to having chronic excess acids that lead to disease. This because all of the previously mentioned toxins in general that thrive in an acidic state body.

This over acid leads to an imbalance in your body's pH (which stands for potential hydrogen). The pH level in your body has substantial effects on all your body chemistry. An imbalanced pH in your body will eventually lead to all kinds of possible diseases.

If you still do not believe, remember that water is the driving force behind all forms of life on earth. That is why the earth is mostly water, and our bodies is made up of 70% water. This water can either have alkaline properties or acid properties. Keep in mind what I said about toxins thriving in acid states.

Now think of acid rain which can destroy an entire forest … and so it is with an imbalanced pH which continuously corrodes all of your body tissues, and ultimately the development of disease.

Now think of your swimming pool when the pH of the water in the pool is kept under control. Bacteria, fungus, algae can not survive. However, neglect it and soon your water will turn greasy, green, and if you look very close, you'll see all sorts of little things swimming in there not counting the microscopic ones you can not see.

And so it is with the body!