The Stuttering Cure That Works

Finding a stuttering cure that truly works is often a frustrating and difficult task. In fact, many experts, including doctors and speech pathologists, will often tell you that a cure for stuttering does not exist by definition.. Whilst they are right about that, a combination of proper therapy and exercise can often produce amazing results, much like putting glasses on a vision-impaired person. Since most stuttering persons are able to speak fluently when singing, speaking in unison, speaking to themselves or being under the influence of alcohol, the potential for fluid conversation is really there. Given the adverse effects of stuttering on the quality of a person’s life, he or she should never give up on the quest to finding a something as close to a stuttering cure as it can get.

Stuttering cures

So far, a great variety of ideas has been put forward in order to end a person’s stuttering. A number of these ideas might work for some, but will be completely useless to others. Therefore it is best to try and see what works for you and what doesn’t:

  • The first idea involves making stuttering a conscious, rather than a subconscious process. This reported stuttering cure is accomplished by giving yourself the command ‘stutter now’ every time you start to speak for weeks on end. In essence, this takes the ‘hardwiring’ out of the stuttering and exposes it to your ability to consciously manipulate it.
  • A more modern approach involves special stuttering devices, which trick the brain into hearing a second person speak with you in unison. Devices like the speecheasy fit into your ear much like a hearing aid and can dramatically improve speech quality the very instant they are flicked on.
  • A more conventional treatment option is behavioral therapy. Since many stutterers are able of fluent speech in relaxed situations (for example, when under the influence of alcohol), boosting self-confidence through psychological therapy can greatly reduce stuttering.
  • In the same line with behavioral therapy, taking up a sport that boosts self-confidence can greatly reduce one’s stuttering. Whilst any sport you’re good at might work, disciplined martial arts like judo, karate and taekwon-do generally have the most profound effect.

So whilst your doctor or speech therapist may be right in saying that a true stuttering cure does not exist, there are several options to explore. And who knows, one of these options might just be your miracle cure.