The Stages of Sleep Deprivation, & How it Affects Your Life


In this article, we are going to look at the stages of sleep deprivation, and the effects it can have.

Studies have shown that the early stages of sleep deprivation (that being the first two or three days that you go without sleep) are associated with the feeling of being tired, having sore eyes, slower response times, feeling irritable, and possibly feeling unusual physical sensations. Things like tingling, numbness or the feeling that you are floating. The longer you go without sleep, the worse these feelings will become.

In the middle stages of sleep deprivation (which is day 3 to day 5), the insomniac may experience illusions and “microsleep”, which is naps that last for just a few seconds. After you have gone four or five days without sleep, your grip on reality might loosen. You may hallucinate, be paranoid, and act in a psychotic manner. Also, going without sleep lessens your immune system, so your chances of getting sick increase.

The question is, why are you sleep deprived? Are you a college student who is staying up all night studying? Or do you have serious sleep troubles? In other words, do you try to get sleep but seem to have no luck? If so, you are suffering from insomnia, and you need to examine why this is happening. Sometimes it can have to do with your lifestyle, like staying out late and night and drinking alcohol, while in other instances it is some other physical problem, such as the pain from arthritis.