The Sprain Strain Diagnosis

You may have questions of what a low back strain is and why is it important for us to be careful not to suffer from it? What are the factors of having a sprain strain? Is there any difference between a sprain strain and a lumbar sprain?

Muscle strain at the lower back usually transpires when the muscle fibers of our body are oddly stretched. It can also be because of the ligaments having been torn apart from where they are connected.

The main cause of low back strain or lumbar sprain is the inflammation of the soft tissues when the lumbar spine is strained or sprained. This said infection results to pain and may possibly cause muscle spasm.

There are many reasons why we suffer this excruciating pain. Below are just some of the factors:

  • Poor condition together with over-exercising. Yes, it is right to exercise because the body needs to be well conditioned to physically demanding activities. However, you need to be extra careful not to put too much pressure on your back as it may cause the strain.
  • Obesity or excessive weight. If you have a huge body and your back muscles are not well-defined, this could also give too much pressure in that area. The upper part of your body will become heavier without the required support of strong muscles in the lower back.
  • Smoking. Studies show that smoking increases the risk of getting a back pain. So stopping your smoking habit will not just save your lungs, it will help you keep away from back strains, too.
  • Improper posture when lifting heavy objects. There are certain proper postures that need to be followed when lifting heavy objects. Any mistakes taken upon picking up weights could possibly injure your back.

Here are some of the common symptoms felt when you have back problems:

  • A pain around the lower back and upper buttocks
  • A muscle spasm.
  • A pain related to activities which go away when you are in complete rest.

But do not worry there are also ways on how to treat these said body pain and here it goes:

  • Ice – this is actually a common home remedy to minimize pain and swelling each time you get an injury.
  • Rest – this will definitely ease the pain and it is for free. It will also help you a lot. Be sure to get plenty of it.
  • Back Braces – if the first two remedies do not work, the best thing to get is a back brace. They are easy to wear and they give comfort. They less pain and heal the injured area. You can put them on before, after, and even during strenuous physical activity.

Most importantly, seek for professional help if the pain gets severe.