The Single Most Disastrous Cause of Being Overweight


Obesity is the disease of this age and can predispose you to many dreadful diseases. Aside from losing good body shape, being overweight makes you vulnerable to heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, lethargy, etc. Unfortunately, the major cause of overweight is due to the lifestyle of a typical busy person today. Many people starve through a busy day and compensate for the hunger strike by taking heavy dinners.

Thus, the greatest cause of overweight today is actually 'eating heavily at irregular intervals'. This is inevitable if you do not eat well during the earlier periods of the day.

Culprits of the Single Most Disastrous Cause of Obesity

Culprits of this sin often include both men and women who have busy schedules. Unfortunately, stay-at-home mothers also suffer from this condition when they get hooked in their routine duties and neglect food.

In addition, you may hold the erroneous idea that eating three times daily (at about 6 hour-intervals) is the ideal; this will make you eat heavily these three times and injure your body system.

What to Do About This Cause of Obesity

On the contrary, healthy eating habit involves eating atorter events to compensate for the decrease in glucose level in your blood that occurs every 3 hours. However, you must consistently eat healthy food to achieve this result.

Blood sugar increases every time you eat and usually declines after about three hours. Similarly, most food items digest in an average of four hours. Therefore, the key to stay slim and fit is to eat smaller foods at regular intervals. Try to grab healthy snacks every 3 to 5 hours to replace lost energy instead of eating heavy meals at inconsistent periods of the day.

A lot of people eat less to get slim but gain weight instead. Without you understand how your body system handles the food you eat, you may just be suffering yourself. Learn to study your body and its reactions to the food you eat; that is the only way you can effectively slim down (or retain a good size) without hurting yourself.

Above all, listen to the still small voice inside of you. Remember, eating right will positively influence your physical and mental fitness and will make you more alert and sharp.