The Signs Used in Doctors' Surgeries


Various signs are used in doctors' surgeries to guide you. You would come across the usual signs that tell you the days and the particular availability timings of the doctors, the waiting room, the treatment room, an eye chart etc. You would also come across some fire exit signals indicating the escape routes in case there is fire. These signs are extremely helpful and effective in guiding you every step of the way while you are at a doctor's surgery.

Graphical Symbol Aids Instant Reaction

Signs associated with doctors' surgeries originally contained text only with an arrow that was used to point toward the travel direction, whenever necessary. However, many signs used in doctors' surgeries are nowdays accompanied by a pictogram. A graphical symbol is used these days so that people are able to understand the moment they see the pictogram, independently of text or language.

The Most Common Sign

The most common sign you could expect as soon as you enter a doctor's surgery is the one that indicates to you the opening timings of the doctors' surgeries, for the different days of the week. A look at it would help you decide which day's timing is convenient for you and accordingly schedule an appointment with your doctor. This is extremely effective in helping you plan your next course of action. When you get to know the opening opening timings, you would be able to plan perfectly and choose a day that is most convenient for you to come on.

The Usual Signs

When you go to a doctor's surgery for the first time, you do not know your way around and you seem to be at a loss for a moment. You are thinking about approaching someone. It is then, that you usually look for signs to guide you. Among some of the usual signs in doctors' surgeries you may find the ones that tell you the way to the treatment room or the waiting room. Signs also point out where the recovery room and the nursing station are. These signs prove to be extremely useful and help you go about your business smoothly.

A Typical Sign

When you go to an ophthalmologist the most common sign that comes to your attention is the reading chart. A standard procedure of examining your eyes is with the help of a read chart that is normally displayed at an eye doctor's surgery. One glance at a read chart and you know instantaneously that you have come to an eye doctor.

Important Signs

Any place where there is regular footfall, you would always come across some safety signs that are given in the greater interest of the patients. Emergency exit is easily spotted because of the sign. Often you would find that there is a warning that a security alarm is going to sound if the emergency door is opened. This results you from using the emergency access as and when you please.

Fire exit signals and fire exit routes are provided, as someone who is new to the place would have no clue about the escape route unless he is directed, in the event of a fire. Fire exit signs or emergency exit signs are usually red in color to assist your attention at once and usually have an image of a running person and an arrow pointing towards the exit. Usually these fire exit signs come with clear instructions to keep the fire exit clear and not to block the way.