The Sexy Hormones – Testosterone in Women

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "A doctor would rather treat 10 men than 1 woman." This validates the idea that women are very intricate creatures. At the heart of this intricacy are life hormones that include testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, and of course estrogen.

When a woman's hormones are balanced she feels fabulous, her skin radiates, and she exudes confidence, energy and vitality.

Not only that, but their sex drive is completely hormone driven. In a study from the University of Chicago, 43% of women have NO sex drive, and 51% experience pain during intercourse.

You will be surprised to hear that women in their '30s experience the biggest decline in libido. This is often due to stress, working, a young family, and lack of time. There are several factors that go into sexual dissatisfaction in women, but Testosterone Deficiency is at the top of the list. Some factors that contribute to insufficient hormone levels include: Hypothyroidism, birth control meds, excessive prolactin, prescription medications (especially anti-depressants), stress, and disrupting estrogen like chemicals in our environments.

If you experience any of the following you need to get your hormones tested, and take the necessary steps to take back control of your body and health:

– Increasing weight or excess fat that you can not seem to stop or get rid of

– Increasing feelings of depression, or irritability

– Low / diminishing Energy Levels

– Trouble Sleeping or insomnia

– Constipation

– Sensitivity to heat / cold

– Hair loss

– Drop in libido

Make sure you find a qualified Anti-Aging Doctor who will test for all of the appropriate hormones. You can also start increasing your Sexy Hormones, right now by picking up a copy of our 12 Week Rejuvenation-Program designed specifically to increase your Life Hormone levels enabling you to take back control of your health.

Remember, aging is inevitable, but looking and feeling old is optional.