The Secrets For Soft Skin Which Some Companies Will Tell You

You may be wondering why drinking water is so important to have soft skin. The reason is simple. First, we have a large store of water in our bodies which is at 12%. Second, we need to keep that refurbished and the best way is to drink lots of water or even green tea during the day and not all at once. Coffee and soda drinks do not count, I am afraid.

The action of water keeps our bodies from getting dehydrated and also does something even more important. It can help us to urinate more and that means we are getting rid of all the toxins on a regular basis. So, our blood is cleaner and that means healthier softer and smoother skin and we can avoid blemishes such as acne. The other great advantage is to think of our skin as being like a prune if it does not get enough water. If it does get enough, it is more like a ripe logo so wrinkles and sagging skin are avoided. Simple, but very effective!

Another way to guarantee soft skin is to avoid any ingredients which may make it irritated or get chapped and dry ,. The alcohols and mineral oils in many products are really good at that! Just think of denatured alcohol which is sometimes listed as alcohol denat which has methanol which is just another one of the cocktail of chemicals contained in skin care products. These are not too different from some of the chemicals used in paint strippers so you can imagine the effect that would have on sensitive skin.

But the above strategies, while very practical, in the short term may not give you the firm and soft skin you want. Let me tell you about a rather special ingredient which has been specially designed to do just that. Did you know that the infamous cytokines are secreted by our skin every day and they can only exacerbate the effects of aging? We need a substance which can restore the right balance of these elements so that we end up with firmer and softer skin. The patented name of this product is Rigin and it is even better and safer that the famous DHEA which stands for dehydroepiandrosterone.

If you add in other ingredients which are fantastic moisturizers such as avocado oil and a seaweed known as wakame, then you have the basic ingredients to get the soft skin you have always wanted.

These ingredients have not been processed with synthetic chemicals neither have synthetics been added to save money. I know this company is committed to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics so I trust them. Why not click through and see why these products are top notch.