The Secret To Cure Oral Thrush Quickly And Naturally

Oral thrush is one of those things that’s not life-threatening but can cause so much suffering. The mouth is so full of nerve endings and is such a sensitive part of your body. Causing painful sores and lesions in the mouth resembling cottage cheese, or sometimes small red bumps, you want to cure oral thrush – fast. So what’s the best oral thrush cure?

First of all, I want to touch on what are the most popular remedies for oral thrush and why I don’t believe they are the best approach to cure thrush in the mouth.

1.    Nystatin – A prescription anti-fungal, Nystatin has a fairly low effectiveness rate (many strains of yeast have become resistant to it) and it can actually cause the yeast to mutate into a form that’s more difficult to treat.
2.    Diflucan (i.e. fluconazole) – Diflucan can be highly toxic. I think of it almost as taken a fungicide internally. Potential side effects include seizures, liver failure, nausea, vomiting, rashes, etc.
3.    Gentian Violet – Gentian violet is a known carcinogen. Recently the FDA stopped China seafood imports for 3 contaminants – one of which was gentian violet. If the FDA doesn’t allow it in food, it’s definitely not a good idea to purposefully put in your mouth. Gentian violet can also cause mouth sores and ulcers – which is exactly what you want to avoid!

These are the most commonly recommended treatments for oral thrush – there are many more, but I’m not going to cover them all here.

The important thing to realize is this: for a real oral thrush cure – one that lasts, you really need a two-fold approach. Just killing the yeast is not enough. If you go on internet forums or even from your own experience, you will see that many people with oral thrush have a problem with it continuing to come back and come back – or even being very difficult to get rid of in the first place, especially safely.

You see, yeast is everywhere – it’s in your skin, it’s in the air, it’s in food, so many different places. So the key elements for an oral thrush cure are:

1.    Yes, you need to kill the yeast (safely and naturally), but you also need…
2.    To build up your body’s natural defenses against the yeast. You see, if you don’t do this, the yeast will grow back – either in your mouth or in some other part of your body. You will also be more vulnerable to other harmful infections, such as viruses and bacteria.