The Role of Online Psychics in Our Daily Lives

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant … We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift" …

~ Albert Einstein

It's easy to scoff at people who purport to be psychics and can supposedly read the past and predict the future. After all, we have grown too comfortable with the present world, the one laid out for us by technology. Instead of us relying on our instincts and intuitions, we have our TV's and cellphones and computers to do our feeling for us. We have become ungrateful complacent people who have forgotten that these same instincts and intuitions are the ones responsible for our survival as a species in the past.

What we do not know is that we all are psychics; the psychic power is not just limited to a select few individuals. We are all empowered, but some of us are just more willing to see and feel and understand deeper than the rest.

The Rise of Online Psychics.

Which is why today we see the rise of online psychics as both a technological blessing and pure human attempt to get involved in someone else's life. Psychics, whether online psychics or traditional ones, are only after one thing: ushering in awareness and clarity into everyone's lives. The popular view that online psychics are just another group of people out to cash in on gullible might be true, but this is NOT always the case. There will always be a sincere group of psychics and astrologers who have dedicated themselves to the psychic realm by providing psychic readings and advice, dream interpretations, horoscopes, and other services directed in goodwill and positivity. The Internet is the free platform that enables them to reach out and penetrate to a wider audience.

As individuals, we owe it to ourselves and to everyone else to unearth and recapture our psychic abilities. Only then are we able to acknowledge the simple, inerasable fact we all are connected to each other. Holding this piece of valuable fact within us guides us in all our decisions in life, from the trivial to the grand, and we are rest assured that all our actions are in harmony with everyone and everything else.

Honoring our Gifts.

Online psychics are our guides then in unraveling the many layers of characters we have within us, each of them crucial to our totality. Each character inside us is laden with possibilities. In our endeavor to fulfill all our abilities and potentialities, we grow closer and more bound to our purpose in life. What better life is there than one with a clear sense of purpose?

So you see, the word "psychic" is not just all about reading the past and narrating the future. Those are just steps and gateways into something more. But online psychics? It's not an impossibility to unify technology and our innate psychic powers. After all, it was human mind who created technology. We just need to open up more and strike a balance between the two.

Let's have better, deeper relationships with our psychic selves. One that honors and remembers our gifts.